Assassin's Creed 2... good until it wasn't.

Ok so I finally got around to beating Assassin's Creed 2 the other day, and I have to say I am a bit pissed off.  College has made it hard to stick with any game for a prolonged period of time so I left Assassin's Creed 2 near the end three months ago and came back to it earlier this week and beat it.   
***BTW spoilers may be included  (by may I mean will)*** 
Alright so I kinda sorta assassinate the last guy (the pope) and I finish the story and boom its over I'm out of the Animus and I'm done, do the credits scene and find myself able to complete old tasks.  Then I look at my trophies (btw playing it on PS3) and see that I did not get the last two story related trophies and I'm like duh fuck!?!  At first I am thinking did I miss something?  And is there any way to go back to see if I did?  Looking at the trophies and my game it looks like I didn't miss a thing so WTF!? 
Sadly this wasn't my only problem with the game, which I found was fantastic for the first half and clunky for the second (review may come some day), this is due to certain weird events happening.  These include guys I just assassinated jumping up after the cut-scene and then falling right back down, or in one instance where I had to assassinate two guys at once. In this instance I was fighting their men that were blocking the way and I was running out of time and I came to the conclusion that oh well I'll have to try this again; however, seconds later a cut-scene happens and they are dead and I somehow teleported and killed them. REALLY!? 
It was instances like these that took me out of an otherwise great game and almost ruined the whole experience for me.  If it wasn't for the first half of the game I would say that it sucked but it was fun, but these instances left a really bad taste in my mouth, also I am still two trophies down.


Chainsaws in Kingdom Hearts Were Never Meant to Be *Sigh*

             While searching the interweb late Thursday night I came upon such a weird headline I couldn't do anything but read it and just say WHAT THE F#@*!!!!  Of course Giant Bomb is my one and only videogame website but when I saw Destructoid had an article detailing Tetsuya Nomura's original ideas for Kingdom Hearts I just had to look.  I am a big Kingdom Hearts fan, possibly one of the first people to actually take notice of it and not be like, that's crap or that is sooo stupid, because for every possible a combination of Disney and Square, namely Final Fantasy games, it should seem moronic.  However, for some reason I never found it that way, call it nostalgia to the days of when Disney was still making good cartoon movies instead of everything being computer generated, not that pixar isn't awesome, or the fact that it wasn't a turn-based rpg like all the other ones I had seen at the time.  Safe to say I bought the game the day it arrived in stores in my then local Circuit City, automatically I enjoyed the game and it was what really made me like RPG's, now I feel I have grown out of them or at least I can't find one that intrigues me enough to purchase besides Persona 4 of course.  Safe to say I loved Kingdom Hearts and then proceeded to get Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on the GBA and finally Kingdom Hearts II, and plan on getting the future DS and PSP titles of Kingdom Hearts.

             But I digress, imagine my surprise however when instead of news on the new Kingdom Hearts games or, as I was hopeing, Kingdom Hearts III, Nomura discussed his first desire to have Sora's main weapon be a chainsaw like weapon instead of the now famous Keyblade.  Just like my reaction the Disney and Square guys were stunned, I however loved the idea they thought otherwise.  Of course a chainsaw is far too violent to be taking Captain Hook or Jafar down with, but dang that is some kind of awesome.  But that was not all of the inside info that was shared Nomura also discussed Square's original idea of using Mickey Mouse instead as the main character and Disney  was thinking Donald Duck or Goofy instead, but Nomura didnt like any of those ideas and instead made Kingdom Hearts a broad Disney / Square expierence neer focusing too much on one set Disney character and instead telling a new and fun story.  That I think may have been what saved the game cus if I was playing as Mickey or Donald both very cartoonish characters I doubt I would have taken as seriously as Kingdom Hearts is supposed to be.  Because at its heart it is a very serious story, albiet with humour and cartoon's thrown throughout, that could have been ruined with a different main character or a crazy violent weapon, one would have to be a heartless to not understand that.   (HaHa you see what I did there I  used the enemy in the game to represent my point of understanding, pun is deffinatelly intended on that one, 10 points to Griffendor)

BTW:   Here is the link to that article