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So I heard everyone's favorite wrestler and motivational coach, Bo Dallas, was great on Smackdown yesterday. Doing some heelish things, like slamming El Torito to the ground, and cut a great promo calling Daniel Bryan "Little Daniel". I feel like I should start watching Smackdown.

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Thanks for sharing something that is clearly incredibly personal for you. You are good people.

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So I heard this new Emma girl coming to the main shows is pretty good. Hopefully she gets a good push and isn't relegated to working with Santino or something crazy like that. :D

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I have to wonder if this was the plan before the accidental theft, she hasn't been on the main show in awhile. Not even on the JBL and Cole show for a couple of episodes, she left right when a feud between her and Renne Young was starting up.

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@death_burnout: Oh I definitely don't want him to need it, but using it, even if just occasionally for Promos, would be great. Especially since they seem to be going for a far more sadistic and angry Cesaro now.

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The only point I'd like to comment on is number 2. I honestly think this is fine, but isn't there a post limit new users can make over a certain time frame? That being said, some form of time limitation I think is alright, or maybe set up something like a current user vouching for a new one and then the new one can comment earlier. Not sure how it would work out though to be honest, but it would at least cut down on spam. On top of that I think a similar limitation could be placed on the chat. Moderation of the chat this E3 seemed good on my end, I hardly saw anything too terrible, but setting something like that up could very well help the mod team out a whole lot.

All I know is that I don't want what happened to CBR (comic book resources), to happen here. I don't use the forum there, but I do visit the site, but apparently after a couple terrible events of harassment occurred the staff there decided to nuke the whole thing and start the community from scratch. They removed all forum posts and users overnight thus causing all new and old users to need to set up new accounts. With premium memberships, that seems unlikely to ever occur, but still I feel like maybe something should be done to make it crystal clear that what happened is not what this community is about. Whatever that may be is up to the duders in charge.

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I thinks it's fantastic that Dan and Jason are joining Giant Bomb, and I personally cannot wait for the eventual wrestling takeover that will surely happen.

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HOLY SHIT! That's so great!! Please tell me he keeps it for awhile, don't screw this up for me WWE.

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One more thing. I barely comment on the site, period, and I have been a member since '09, and I love the site. But throughout the years I have been a little afraid to post occasionally, due to not knowing enough, or thinking anonymous internet person will dislike me if I have a different opinion. For example, I know when i first joined I literally thought Dave was Alex Navarro, I posted something about that, and got taken to task on it. I honestly think the community has grown up a bit throughout the years and gotten a bit better, but today has shown we can do better. Sure most of the terrible things written today towards others, may have primarily come from outsiders, but not all of it. We should not simply ignore it and say, oh it's only a small portion of the community, or it's Reddit, or 4Chan. We need to do a better job of policing ourselves, and following the golden rule of not being a jerk. After all we are having people saying they are done with Giantbomb after this because of the way people are acting.

Primarily what has been said against Giantbomb has been criticisms, which are fine, some may have gone too far, but the backlash against it is just too much. I know when I was young and had my dad read my papers I wrote for school, he would, figuratively, tear them to shreds. He pointed out grammatical mistakes, sentences that made no sense, spelling errors, and much more, as a result I was angry and I was upset because I felt like he was personally attacking me. Now I obviously know he wasn't, he only did that because he wanted the best out of me. So maybe it's the internet, maybe it's twitter, maybe we all need to grow up a little, but it seems like very few people can take criticism any more, whether it be in the form of a tweet, forum post, or a "click-baity" article.

That's just my two cents. Feel free to take me to task, call me an asshole, whatever you want, but try to be good to one another.

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So I really did not want to comment on any of this, because I hate controversy, but whatever. The one thing that has me confused on this whole thing is how it seems like everyone knows what the hiring process was like at CBSi. Now it's all good to speculate and assume they were looking for x, y, or z, but the fact remains we don't know what they were looking for exactly. We might have an idea from the job postings, but not a clear picture of what else was needed/desired outside of what was posted. I simply assume that Jason and Dan fit exactly what was needed the best and as such they were hired, I would have assumed the same for any person hired for the position.

As far as the horrible stuff people have been saying, well all I have to say to that is we should all be good to one another, and don't be jerks.