Floundering Sony embarrasses self again

Just when you think Sony has run out of stupid shit to do they released the Vita for $250 and told everybody it's a great value. Well, that was the last incredibly stupid thing they did as a company. The latest is designing a PS4. The so called Orbis is apparently going to run on off the shelf parts and may be entirely cloud based if their acquisition of Gaikai or whatever the fuck it was tells you anything. Other stupid things they have done is set up their last Christmas to make money on the PS3 with a little thing called NO FUCKING GAMES. Yeah they have absolutely nothing. I like Infamous, God of War, and Naughty Dog stuff the rest I can pretty much live without or rent but this Christmas has none of that shit. I don't think it's just me unless you are really dying for another fucking kart racing game or a lame Smash Brothers Clone you are probably in the same WTF SONY? boat. Nowww... What do I see as the solution to Sony's problems?

Whore out your back catalog more. Appeal to the weaboos. Make every weaboo PS2 and PSP game available to buy on your stupid fucking marketplace and maybe while you are at it sort out everything in your worthless fucking marketplace so it's easy to find what you are looking for OR EVEN BETTER find things you didn't know that you were looking for. I mean it feels like something a fucking third world clothes merchant set up in 1993 right now. I can only find things by using the search function.

I would buy Siren and Siren 2 and this that and the other thing if they were on there to buy but they are not. Well maybe I would just keep playing them on an emulator and not bother but in theory I might. I don't know if it's possible to port PS2 games to the Vita but it would make it more attractive.

So if my horrible worthless ideas don't work I have no idea what they can do. It's bad times right now.


As Gaming Moves Forward

As Gaming Moves Forward into the future a lot of us older guys are feeling it less and less. It's because our brains are dying just like the rest of our body. The ability to get excited about anything besides food and sleep goes away. Do I want to play the new Sexboxgod60? If you asked me that 5 years ago I would have said AWWWW hell yeah! But now my response would be more like "Depends on what kind of stupid chickenshit moves M$ pulls". That's where the industry is right now. It's in Chickenshit Land and we have been given a cheap plastic scoop from which to extract our favored droppings. The idea of a "good game" much less the idea of a "good value" is long dead. It's been destroyed by the Two Great Evils AKA paid DLC and "free to pay". We are told these things are "good" for the industry. Well that's good for the industry and all but I have no interest in any of it. I don't feel like being a sucker for these morons any longer. So starting today I have decided to eat One Peppermint Patty every three to eight hours until DLC is gone. I have also pledged to eat a half gallon of Friendly's ice cream every two days until "free to pay" is gone.

Before you think "Oh the PS3 and PC are sooo much better" let me stop you. They are so much worse! The only good thing about the PC is it's easy to pirate games. The only good thing about the PS3....well I will have to think about that some more. Both of these platforms are even more chickenshit than the M$ offering. If you don't even want to play games you got for free what does that say about them?

Gaming as a business is falling apart rapidly. The money angle is falling off the face of the earth. It's so hot outside you can barely breathe. The only good MP out right now is Gears of War 3 and it barely gets a few thousand players each day. The price of gas is fluctuating like mad. No one wants to drive anywhere and waste money on stupid shit but more importantly they don't want to waste time they could spend downloading MAME.

A really unfortunate turn the industry has taken is believing people want "asynchronous" gameplay. I am sorry but even as a kid riding the bus to school every day and being driven around by my parents the rest of the time I never wanted to play my fucking Genesis games on the go because I knew that was impossible! My little niece likes to play Temple Run. She doesn't get on my computer and want to play it there as well. She plays it on my rooted Nook. If I am coming off as a hard ass I am sorry but that's just the way it is.


Why I don't care about this site that much

I don't come here to watch videos. I don't come here to read reviews or previews. The only reason I come here is to download the Podcast and get the hell out as fast as possible. I don't care about the "community". I don't want to "browse". If I want to watch videos I either watch them on the Xbox Live video marketplace or Gametrailers. If I want to read a review ...I don't care to read reviews anymore.  I have played more games than Tricky Dick Nixon at this point and I know they all basically suck.  I don't need to read somebody else's long winded ultimately pointless rant.  
This bring us all to the next big problem. The Podcast...it's not going so well. I use to think the idiots at 4playerpodcast were a bunch of annoying geeks and the people at Giantbomb were more normal and less geeky. But the more I listen the more it becomes clear the people on the GiantBomb podcast  are every bit as geek if not more so. No one downloads a video game podcast to hear about some lame ass festival in San Francisco or how you own every bit of shovel-ware on Steam. It's not relevant. 
Yeah I download video game podcasts and listen to them because I have a two hour commute every day to work. I like Giantbomb mostly because it's  long and fills a lot of time. The show is good when they talk about things I find interesting...things like VIDEO GAMES...and when they don't spoil story elements in games and then act as if everyone should have played through and beat a game that came out two weeks ago. It's not necessary and it's not welcome. But I am rambling. Fact is I mostly enjoy the podcast on this site but in the past few weeks I have found myself hitting the fast foward on my my head unit or simply shutting it off entirely and I didn't do that for the first few months I listened. 
and yes I am an annoying asshole in real life too