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that site is ultra lib and it seems like the mods ban people at a whim it's best use is as an up to the minute gaming site if anything is happening there will be a page in the front of gaming discussion

I didn't realize they were somehow linked to "Gaming Age" wasn't that a web ring thing back in the day? my earlier days of pre-"frames" internet surfing are hazy I am probably thinking of something else

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this is devastating to me and I can't imagine what it must be like for his friends and family, rest in peace Ryan

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this game sounds like a pain in the ass

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Game Gear battery was woeful

true story

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did someone really say the Wii U was "feral design" how can you write something like that and not immediately jump off a cliff

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a game like this needs gamer-score to work otherwise what's the point?

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Yes I am an avid blogger. Great post!

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Mark Rein was talking to Geoff Keighley after the show and he seemed really happy with the PS4 but of course he couldn't commit to any game announcements. Geoff tried to egg him into saying the PS4 was more powerful than the next Xbox but he didn't bite.

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I love being connected with all my friends and seeing what they are doing in games. This sounds perfect to me.

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this is absolutely VITAL games journalism thank you for exposing the true horror of this monstrosity to the public you are doing humanity a great service