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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review 0

4 Cyberboost ProEnergy Bars out of 5Adam Jensen: Beekeeper.Deus Ex: Human Revolution turned out to be a much, MUCH better game than I anticipated. It quickly went from a game that I knew existed, but didn’t have much hope for based on how the original’s sequel fared and because of some of the action heavy footage I had seen leading up to its release, to a game that I am extremely happy to have played and may play again someday. Human Revolution is a prequel to the original Deus Ex. You play as A...

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Alice Returns with a Vengeance 0

Just like Alice herself, Alice: Madness Returns is a beautiful yet flawed game.  Madness Returns picks up years after American McGee’s Alice and while her mental health has improved, her experience with the real world has not.  Now living in London under the care of a psychiatrist, Alice begins to recall previously forgotten details of the night her family died in a house fire. As these memories return, so does her madness.     Gameplay in AMR is primarily platforming with plenty of item ...

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