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Hey I've played about 32 matches I'm pretty good at support with Lich but I have lots to learn! Add me steamID: victory91 my username Snuggles the Rapping Cat.

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I didn't mention this before because I didn't want to take away from the loss of Ryan. However, that same morning July 3rd is the same morning my mother died from breast cancer. It was literally the worst day of my life, then I log on and find out Ryan passed away as well. Needless to say it was another punch to the gut. I almost felt worse about Ryan's passing because my mom's passing was kind of inevitable and I had made peace with that but Ryans was so unexpected it broke my heart and felt like I had lost a friend I never met.

I just kind of needed to get that off my chest and because the day coincides with my moms passing I tend to think of Ryan a lot and rest assured his memory won't go away for a long time.

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Me and my brother played this game on hard (which incidentally wasn't very hard at all) we beat it in about 10 hours with only a few trouble spots where we needed to do the same spot max 4 times! So I'd suggest trying it on Very Hard to get a longer and possibly a more enjoyable gaming experience! 
Overall though the game was fun and action packed with pretty nice world build also it was full of ridiculous lines like "I'll kill your dick!", my vote for dialogue of the year!
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I rip my nails alot and creat a lot of hang nails, knuckle/neck/toe/ankle/knee/back cracking is a bad habit of mine. I also don't make a lot of eye contanct with people because of anxiety, which affects me at work being able to look at customers.
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Hire some Haitian pirates to take your parents hostage until they let you subscribe!! Seriously though, you're young better you spend some money on video games you can get enjoyment out of, soon you'll get older and getting older gets expensive. Just be sure to click on some ADs once in awhile and tell people about Giantbomb.
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It has to be a broad topic so that they get traffic and lots of members, so either music, sports, food, books or a website about mongolian throat singing!
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I've been coming to this site for 3 years since the beggining, they have brought me a lot or memories and a great website. I feel its ok to pay my dues, gotta keep them alive.   If you have a favorite band or author you support them by buying their books or albums or going to concerts etc. this is sort of on the same leve, we're supporting our favorite website just like a big bunch of fanboys/groupies. I understand people are mad because everything used to be free and some things have been stripped from those unable to afford the payment but this is a business folks and we need to keep them alive somehow.
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Yes it sucks that we have to pay BUT! 
Someone has to make these maps and that costs time and money and since none of us can make these maps we are forced to pay a premium! 
Think of it this way, what if your job called you to work a couple hours for free, you'd be like "fuck off". Thats the equivalent of us wanting them to give us these maps for free. I don't like it but i understand it, it is a business model that works.
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The fear of other peope staring at me in disgust because of my weight. I used to be shit scared of taking my shirt off at the beach and wearing tight clothes I actually sorta formed a bad slouch so that people wouldnt notice my man boobs and even now that I've lost my man boobs i still notice i do my slouch subconciously, thats what really got me to push myself. I'm really proud of myself with sticking with it too.  
Initially I lost 20 lbs in like 6 months (Cut my meal size a lot and ran a lot and weight lifting), i've also gainged a lot of muscle mass. I started off benching around 135lbs now I can bench 225 lbs 3 sets of 6-8.
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