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Bloodborne, Infamous: First Light & Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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Warcraft 3 is the only non-WoW game in the saga i've played and while I enjoyed it I thought Starcraft 2 was better. (which should be getting another expansion sometime in the next 10 years) But I dont think you'll get a Warcraft 4 for the same reason we'll never get a Half-Life 3. MOBAs and e-sports are too damn popular/profitable.

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@demoskinos: So it's only valid until the end of the year huh? That's pretty messed up, especially if you're one of those suckers who bought an overpriced "PT PS4" on ebay.

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I like innovations in gameplay. COD is moving into the future because it gives them freedom to mix things up. Isnt that what we want? Am I crazy?

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Looks great! (that box art is terrible though)

You should probably put this in the Just Cause 3 section. I thought this was going to be a discussion on what constitutes a gameplay trailer ;p

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No, Platinum prioritise gameplay and arent trying to make movies. (which can be pretty damn entertaining)

He should join Valhalla Game Studios. I'm sure he and Itagaki would get along great.

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The boss that gave me the most grief was the Loran Darkbeast. The boss itself was pretty tough but the framerate made it maddening. I'm working on beating Amygdala in the cursed chalice but none of my weapons have the reach to reliably hit that thing, beating it in the main game was hard enough but with half health it requires a lot of patience.

I really like the chalice dungeons though, it's a nice refresher between NG+'s.

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I prefer playing as Kung Jin in versus but i've probably spent more time playing as Takeda offline. Personality wise I like Cassie Cage though.

I think Erron Black's character design is very uninspired. I know MK has always had pretty basic looking characters and that's part of the appeal but I wish they went a little further to go beyond 'outlaw cowboy' and 'aztec warrior' Ferra/Torr is pretty original though. Shame I cant stand how he/she plays.

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People know, it's just laughably bad so noone talks about it.

Honestly I think it's kind of ridiculous you cant do ranked matches while working your way up the ladder like you can in DOA5 & SF4. Also, I could be wrong (maby I havent done enough or maby it isnt working) but are ranked matches even ranked?

I like MKX but I feel like they messed up the online pretty badly.

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