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Great game, hope more episodes get made at some point. (doubtful though) The Witcher 2 is also free with GwG.

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Another reason i'm glad The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne got delayed. If this turns out to be true of course. I dont see it being that far fetched considering Ground Zeroes was very polished and apparently the PC version of it is well optimized. We've also seen a fair amount of gameplay even if we havent had hours worth of cutscenes in numerous trailers like with prior MGS games.

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Viewtiful Joe. Which was great and i'm looking forward to playing the sequel. BloodRayne Betrayal. Which was suprisingly good and I especially liked the last boss. BloodRayne (it was 39p!) I... had some fun playing this game. It was basicly Max Payne 1 with vampires and nazis and also featured early performances by Laura Bailey and Troy Baker before they starred in everything.

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@yummylee: I liked those two boss fights but most of the bosses in DMC4 were big arse demons that werent fun to fight and felt as though they only exsisted to show off cool devil arm animations. And DmC's bosses looked unique and had some nice cinematic transitions but suffered from God of War's syndrome of 'dodge the hand, attack the hand'

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Hopefully this means there's a new DMC in production (hopefully done internally by Capcom) or at the very least if these sell well it might justify investing in another game for Capcom, but who knows what the state of that company is anymore. (still making remakes though, some things never change)

I'm excited to play these games again with new additions but neither of these games blew me away like DMC 3 did. One of the things I love most about character action games are great boss fights but neither DmC nor 4 really delivered in that aspect.

Not to shit on this news, it's cool and i'm also looking forward to Hellblade but I guess i'm not a big enough Vergil fan to look past the flaws in those games.

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Beyond: Two Souls

I actually liked the game but am aware of it's terrible plot and awkward mechanics. But it's one of the few games I could forgive because it looked so damn good. Nothing on the PS4 or XBO looks as good as far as i'm concerned. And the music and acting were pretty decent too.

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I wonder if they fixed the romance scene with Cassandra, that was a real anti-climax. (boom)

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Cool, more time to save up for a PC that can run it.

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I had a feeling that they might localise Yakuza Zero since that's a prequel that doesnt require any prior knowledge to the other games but I pretty much gave up on this one. Definitely the best thing to come out of that Sony experience thing.

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Does kicking Chobot out of the Normandy count?

I would get rid of Sera if she werent the only half decent Rogue. (need her for lock picking unfortunately)