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I have a couple of perfect runs but just finishing up my kill all the non humans possible run through me1/2 as bad femshep...

I could have not upgraded the ship but ended up doing that so more people made it through...

Bring on ME3!

Death tally:



The Council






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Same here, add me to the list of users who aren't synching. This is annoying because as many of said, I enjoy tracking my achievements on here and that was part of the reason I choose to support the site with a membership. I am glad they are doing other things but to me this is a core feature of the site and it doesn't work. sucks

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Who doesn't want 1000 profile views?

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completely worth the yearly price. 
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@klandathu said:

"If you like old school final fantasy games check out breath of death vii , very fun. Groov is also pretty awesome "


PIcked up Breath of Death VII, can't wait to get home and try it out.