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I've been coming to the site since the beginning and I can definitely feel where you're coming from. A lot of the new content over the last couple of years has had nothing to do with video games, such as the stuff with wrestling, F1, tabletop gaming, and movie commentary(?). If you aren't into any of that then it can be off-putting. Plus Dan really is a weird left turn for the site personality-wise.

To me, though, the main problem is that the quick looks have been declining for a while now. I didn't even realize it until Dan pushed through stuff like Metal Gear Scanlon and Mario Party Party and that stuff hit as being really fresh and interesting, when really they're just mega endurance runs. It doesn't help that Vinny and Alex have been bogged down in studio set-up hell for I don't remember how long and their QL's are the only ones that I've found interesting recently.

They are trying to figure out what the site should be and so far a lot of the answers they've come with have nothing to do with video games. That's the kind of thing that makes me nostalgic for the Whiskey Media days.

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My hometown of Athens, GA was mentioned in The Walking Dead as the place where Lee taught as a professor (at my university). That's the only time I've seen my hometown mentioned in any kind of media.

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Because any number that I pull out of my ass has to be a good number.

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Just finished mine, had Economic History today and accounting and anthropology last week. I am really happy it's over.

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I was gonna say Sins of a Solar Empire, but @Chuggsy beat me there. I'm just gonna reiterate the point because it's an awesome name.

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From the headline I thought Borderlands 2 would let players throw guns at guys as a ranged melee or really heavy throwing knives. I have to say I'm really disappointed by that not being the case.

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dave should find a way to live stream some Elder Scrolls: Arena for his pre-show.

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something incredibly dumb should come from this. it will be disappointing if there isn't.

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I'm the only person who got excited for the game because of this trailer.

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I took that scene at the end to mean that this game takes place after the combine have been driven off the planet and the human race is recovering.

Anyone else notice that the turret king in the part with the singing turrets looked like the "animal king" at the beginning of the game?