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Sound Shapes, on both PS3 and Vita
Sly Cooper 1 & 2
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
Sleeping Dogs
Infamous: Second Son
Virtue's Last Reward

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I liked Witcher 2 a bunch. I haven't played the first one, but it's been in my Steam library forever and someday I'll get around to playing it I will never get around to playing it.

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Best New Character

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Had two Suikoden saves on one memory card. Accidentally deleted the one with all 108 stars.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition. I really want to like the game more but it's been slow going. Partly because of the bugs (my Inquisitor's voice getting changed several hours in was morale-crushing). It's better than DA2, at least.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. I played through Oracle of Seasons for the first time a little over a year ago, but just got around to starting the other game. Link's Awakening was the first Zelda I ever played so getting around to these games a decade late is weird but enjoyable. Also, I'm never going to get caught up with all the Zeldas I haven't played yet; I own but still haven't played Twilight Princess and Minish Cap, and now I'm staring down Majora's Mask and the Wii U game.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Always.

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Hearthstone and Hearthstonnnnnnnnnnnnne

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I'm playing on XBONE and I just hit the Inquisitor voice swap bug, so I guess I'm waiting on that patch now because I want my posh British qunari mage back.

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Get out of here if you didn't say Die Hard.

Nice to see support for Shoot 'Em Up here, tho

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I was really unimpressed with Wolfenstein: The New Order. Yes, it did really ambitious things with story and character, but I just didn't think it was very fun to play. I think it's saying something that my favorite thing about it was the title screen music.