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I'm playing on XBONE and I just hit the Inquisitor voice swap bug, so I guess I'm waiting on that patch now because I want my posh British qunari mage back.

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Get out of here if you didn't say Die Hard.

Nice to see support for Shoot 'Em Up here, tho

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I was really unimpressed with Wolfenstein: The New Order. Yes, it did really ambitious things with story and character, but I just didn't think it was very fun to play. I think it's saying something that my favorite thing about it was the title screen music.

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uh Patrick you seem to have misspelled "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" in that subhead

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In 1999 I foolishly traded in my copy of Super Metroid to EB for next to no store credit. A few years ago I managed to find another copy (or, for all I know, possibly the same copy) at a reasonable price.

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Depends. Usually I'll pay just enough (generally $10-15) to get everything if there's enough games/stuff in the bundle I don't already own. I also have a habit of paying just above the Linux average, since they're almost always the highest payers. This last one, I already owned most of the games except for Prison Architect, Race The Sun and Luftrausers, but I went ahead and bought it for $65 because the physical tier (something I don't usually go for) looked awesome.

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I'm interested in both, but only if the reviews are good enough. Otherwise I'll probably play RE: Revelations since I haven't gotten to it yet.

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Can't believe no one's posted this big block of cheese yet:

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And what of the many Hyrulians that keep hearts in jars?

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Torchlight, although I had Valve stuff like HL, HL2, CS and TFC registered to my account before that.