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I gave it a spin a few months ago. (Of course, I bought Dark Arisen for 360 before it went free on PS+. SIGH.) I sunk a handful of hours into it but the combat didn't hook me like I hoped it would, considering how many people said that was the game's strong suit. I found the crafting/item and stat systems overwhelming as well, but knowing that the difficulty curve lessens as the game goes on makes returning to it a little more tempting. Also, it sounds like I knew what to do with my pawn more than a lot players did.


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I must be the only person who likes the MGS series but found MGS4 incredibly disappointing. Portal 2 all the way (ALTHOUGH, I would agree with the opinion that it should've been the first Portal in the bracket).

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I bet it wouldn't use the book's ending.

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Open World + Platformer =

Open Platformer

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Sent a request.

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Going to cross my fingers and assume that Atlus will be allowed to remain more or less autonomous and keep doing what they're doing. If not, well, I've already got enough unfinished SMT games to last the rest of my life.

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Hydro Thunder.

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Just checked to make sure my PS3 hadn't already downloaded the update, then turned off the back switch to make sure it doesn't.

Reminds me that I should probably update my cloud saves and make a fresh backup of the hard drive.