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-Bloodborne - Started on it, did not play enough to beat the first boss or unlock a single trophy. Eh.

-Fallout 4 - Put about 8 hours into it. Feels like more Fallout.

-Dying Light - Just started on it a week ago. Seems cool! Probably not going to get much more of it played before end of the year.

-Witcher 3 - Have put about 25 hours into it in the last month and a half. Probably not going to finish it before end of the year, probably going to put it on my GOTY list anyway.

-AC Syndicate - loving the uh uh uh uh uh, but feels like more of the same. Missing the multiplayer.

-Rebel Galaxy - a game focused on murdering you at every turn. Fuck that shit.

-Broken Age - Played the first act last year. Haven't gotten around to the second act, even though I was a backer. D'oh.

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I think it was Super Mario Bros., at a friend's house, in 1989.

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It looks cheap. DTV/SyFy cheap.

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Legacy of Kain comes back

Nintendo makes proper Mario and Metroid games again (and throws that Smash Bros nonsense in the gully)

Square Enix remembers how to make a good JRPG

WipeOut and Burnout are still a thing

Everybody acknowledges that Frequency was better than Amplitude

And like others have said, I have time to play all these games.

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Witcher 3, Undertale, AC: Syndicate. I started on Fallout 4 but it just feels like more of the same so I'm going to finish the other open world games I mentioned before going back to it.

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I bought this when it came out, played all the way to the end, could never beat the final boss. Still have my original copy.

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Link's Awakening was the first one I played, around the time it came out. I played LttP in 1997 when I finally got an SNES. I don't think I played another one until I bought a Gamecube in 2006 and played Wind Waker. I've been working my way through the rest of the series since then; played the 3DS remakes of the N64 games, Skyward Sword and Link Between Worlds around the time they came out. I've actually beaten four Zelda games just this year: Oracle of Ages (did Seasons a couple of years ago), Majora's Mask, Spirit Tracks and Minish Cap. The only proper Zelda games I haven't finished now are the two NES games and Twilight Princess.

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I started using Podcast Addict recently and I like it a lot. It's finally got me transitioning away from using my old iPod and iTunes, which has become a total shitshow for podcast management.

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Has anybody mentioned Saga yet

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Once I'm finished with Batman:AK, I'm looking at Saints Row 4 and a lot of smaller stuff (Valiant Hearts, Ether One, D4, probably other stuff I'm forgetting)