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I let my Gold subscription lapse for the first time in almost seven years LITERALLY YESTERDAY.

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Super Mario World

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Twisted Metal 2

First two choices were easy, third one was a fucker.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They didn't bother to finish half the special effects. They took away Deadpool's mouth. They cast for some reason. It's poorly-made and it's not even dumb enough to be entertaining.

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I gave it a spin a few months ago. (Of course, I bought Dark Arisen for 360 before it went free on PS+. SIGH.) I sunk a handful of hours into it but the combat didn't hook me like I hoped it would, considering how many people said that was the game's strong suit. I found the crafting/item and stat systems overwhelming as well, but knowing that the difficulty curve lessens as the game goes on makes returning to it a little more tempting. Also, it sounds like I knew what to do with my pawn more than a lot players did.


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I must be the only person who likes the MGS series but found MGS4 incredibly disappointing. Portal 2 all the way (ALTHOUGH, I would agree with the opinion that it should've been the first Portal in the bracket).

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I bet it wouldn't use the book's ending.

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Open World + Platformer =

Open Platformer

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Sent a request.