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To further clarify, this is a list of games fit to be played by Manly Men (TM).

Manly Men (like me and all who agree with me, because democracy is THAT cool, hell yeah) would not normally be caught dead gaming.

The works of art included herein though, redefine what gaming is from a shit-souled perspective. They're about the pain that accompanies every man who sets out to gain a bit of respect and about the vices we madly seek to dull it.

Argue with my trollish ways and despair ;)

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Jensen is currently without an agent and also without a contract. In fact, she doesn't even have a Facebook or Twitter account.

What she does have though, is, the band that Robert Holmes, her husband started. You can contact them via their site, ask for GK4 to be Kickstarted and also tell them what a fine idea it would be if they covered the soundtrack. It's the most direct way to Jensen's ear. Schafer broke 3 mil in a month, Wasteland 2 just broke a million, there's a revolution happening in terms of what can and cannot be published.

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Tits are INCIDENTAL in those games, they are not the point. They are not DA2 ready-for-hentai idiocy, they are there as they would have been in the real world.

And the "R" rated is not meant to be ESRB nitpickery it refers to mature content in the broader sense, as in games that a 14yr old will not be able to pick and play and actually understand.

Grim Fandango may be "PG" in that it doesn't SHOW you anything of the sort that ESRB frowns upon, but it's heart? Black as night.

Also, Alan Wake is a balls-out masterpiece, story and presentation-wise. When I'm made dictator of Earth, more games will be like Dear Esther and Gears of War type idiocy shall be relegated to XBLight status.

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Just like with real escape pods, crash landings are part of the adventure ;)

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This is what the PC is. An escape capsule, emergency exit to everywhere.

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Hey y'all,

Awesome site, just signed up and I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but here goes:

I copy paste the code under my GB generated tag in the other forum (where sigs are enabled, I used to have the RAPTR one) but it just comes out as text, no image. What gives?

Thank you!