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What the hell? I don't even... O - o

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There's nothing that I can say that would express just how I feel right now.

You will be missed greatly Ryan. You were taken from the world far too soon. I only hope your memory will live on with all of us as it will with me. You gave us so many great moments, that I will never forget.

Rest in peace. And never stop smiling. He would have wanted it that way.

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I've had 3 bugs so far, all very different. The first two are very annoying, but the 3rd was infuriating.

  1. When trying to install the physical PC disc, my Origin install just disappeared. After I got Origin reinstalled, I just downloaded a digital copy instead. Still not sure how that happened.
  2. Had the ''Can't import your custom Shepperd's face' bug. Default face it is then.
  3. All the weapons, mods, and class unlocks I had in multiplayer got relocked after a game. I lost multiple hours worth of time to this bug. (My beautiful triple shot sniper gone to the wind. *Sniff*)
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I'm wondering the same thing. It said this was the time.

Edit: Never mind its on now.

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I usually take it to mean that control-wise the game is fairly forgiving. It also might mean that some sort of scoring system is used and displayed for the player.

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I just had the weirdest realization while watching some videos on line. Playing Call of Duty on Veteran difficulty turns it into a bullet hell shooter. I know what you're thinking, but follow me on this for a second. A bullet hell shooter is all about finding the one or two safe paths through the sea of death, so is Veteran difficulty in CoD. Yes, luck of the draw on where the AI is looking does play a part in the life or death struggle, but that can happen in most games. Just something to chew on.

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Same problem here. Last sync was over two weeks as well.

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Having the same problem, all the new achievements for the past 4 days aren't showing up.

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Why don't more games do this kind of thing?

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If I owned a PSP, I'd get this day one.