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That's an overkill. Why they have to destroy all the copies by themseleves ? Who want's Silicon Knights go bankrupt so badly ? On the other hand SK didn't made a good game since 2008.

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Funny thing is that some people are so stupid that they will take this seriously.

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Did he also mention his address ? These kids are really stupid these days.

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I'd rather drink my own urine.

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I'm surprised they try to sell this piece of shit for full price. It's not worth it. I wouldn't play this game even if someone payed me to do it.

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Pumpkinhead will consume your soul if you even try to install this game. Please don't torture yourself.

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Two new aliases for 3DO console it was also called REAL and 3DO REAL Interactive Multiplayer.

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Another aliase for polish game Sentinel: Descendants in Time known also as Sentinel: Strażnik Grobowca.

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Aliance for Cold Zero: No Mercy

The European title is Cold Zero: The Last Stand.

Adam Skorupa needs aliance his nickname is Scorpik.

Aliances for Soldier Elite

Gorky 02: Aurora Watching

Aurora Watching

Aliance for Gorky Zero

Gorky Zero: Fabryka Niewolników (polish title)