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I love it, looks like a console Atari would put out in 2013.

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I am someone that says "let's play some 360" instead of "let's play some xbox"

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I was really hoping backwards compatibility was a thing, especially with GTA V being out later this year it means I can't trade in my 360 when a pick up One.

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SSD's don't last as long as HDD's, would of been too expensive and risky.

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This online nonsense is pretty bad, I wonder how people in the army that use games for downtime would feel about this. I have friends that can't afford internet that spend hundreds of dollars a year on NEW Xbox games. They are being very anti-consumer with this. I feel this will just lead to more piracy with people who buy legal games being forced to use pirated copies just so they can play the game they brought without internet.

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Was more keen on Xbox anyway, it's where my friends are and I have really enjoyed this generation on the 360. PS4 conference had alot of trailers and talking about games but the only gameplay I saw was that Killzone walkthrough. Wait until after E3 to start judging, this was ofcourse for the mainstream media, only thing a gamer has to take away from today is 15 Xbox One exclusives in 1st year and 8 new IP's.

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@theveej said:

With EA cancelling their online pass, I bet the PS4 will have the same feature. Depending on the price of the fee, this could be really awesome for people like me.

I would infact count on the exact opposite, Sony doesn't goose step with them, when Microsoft was calling for online fees, sony wasn't and that was a huge selling point for alot of gamers, I don't see why Sony would join a bandwagon.

Because profit, Sony want's their 10-20% cut of each game sold, which they don't get when a game is sold used.

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@theveej said:

With EA cancelling their online pass, I bet the PS4 will have the same feature.

This smacks of collusion if EA knows that both platforms were planning the same feature. The wonderful thing about all this, is that ifsomeday the courts decide this stuff is unfair to consumers, at least the consoles are online to have it patched out. :)

Would never happen, pretty much the same as a fee for transferring a car over to someone. This is nothing illegal about this.

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I'll get "One"...hahahaha, right guys.......sigh.

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@skytylz said:

It just means you need a cable box. This isn't surprising at all because the device didn't have a coaxial in.

Yeah. Unfortunately we've reached the System Wars portion of the console cycle. Ugh.