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Dave Lang was never officially eliminated from the last Rumble. I think he has a good chance of taking it this time he'll lose to Alex in the Championship match but he's my pick to win the rumble.

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68.6 million Bob.

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I can't believe I've gone almost 3 weeks without seeing this. Fucking laughed my ass off, holy shit this is easily the best one yet.

Keep them coming man, please. You're doing great work.

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FO3 should've been gone two rounds ago, how it made it this far is beyond me. Not even Bethesda's best game. ME2 is easily BioWare's however.

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TLOU for a myraid of reasons that I will come back and edit this post to say why.

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+1 for Quelaag's Furysword, great for DEX builds and really fast attacks while still allowing you to roll. First playthrough ever went with that sword. Secondary I went with the sword the Black Knights have +5 and two handed that if I needed to do more damage outright.

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The Last of Us didn't delete my save game after completing the first chapter and force me to replay everything over again, nor did it make me waste hours on message boards trying to fix said save bug.

Honestly that alone is worth ranking TLOU over TWD. But I'll continue.

TWD is pretty good, better than the TV show by a country mile. I enjoyed Lee and Clem and bought into their relationship as Faux-daughter/dad.

But TLOU came out months after TWD. A game where you escort a young girl through the harsh zombie-filled landscape where dark and terrible things happen to loads and loads of people. And in the end you have to make a gut-wrenching decision. And not only is the "game" part better (TWD is still a game, its just a "different" type of game). It manages to outshine TWD by a considerable margin despite having a similar story and coming out after TWD was awarded with many GOTY awards (including here...almost).

This poll deserves to be close but probably not this close. TWD is fantastic. Yet TLOU is just that much more so. Considering the hurdles it had to clear before release it is even more impressive.

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FO3 isn't better than New Vegas, it isn't better than Witcher 2 and it sure as hell isn't better than SMG. WHAT.THE.FUCK.GUYS?

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Fucking travesty right here. And I really like Portal 2.

Exclusivity and the polarizing nature of its narrative are hurting MGS4 here. The leap from MGS4 from 3 was tremendous (not just due to new hardware either) than Portal 2 over the first. Even if you hate the batshit crazy nature of MGS4 story I think there is enough incredible moments to overtake the best moments from Portal 2.

Chapters 1 and 2 offered new and varied ways to tackle objectives and navigate the battlefield. And both included some good set-pieces and presented unique (non)-combat situations for you to engage with.

Chapter 3 slows everything down and for some this was the low point. Until you ride shotgun on a fucking motorcycle whilst being chased throughout nameless East Europe city. That was finally an awesome cut-scene that you actually got to play, hell part of me wanted to just sit back an enjoy the show but you get to shoot down UAVs and play the meanest game of Road Rash since the 90's.

Chapter 4 is also a slower paced chapter but with some good ol' nostalgia mixed in. Has a great Sniper battle boss fight, an awesome Gekko fight, and a fucking Metal Gear on Metal Gear battle to the death.

Chapter 5, while short, provides another open-ish section that you can tackle in whatever manner you wish. A boss fight that probably left you stumped and messing around with controllers. And a fucking duel a top a warship against your brother all while set the the music of the previous games.

MGS4 is a goddamn masterpiece, crazy? Sure. But a crazy masterpiece is still a masterpiece.

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I think RDR is Rockstar's best game this gen. And yet it still can't compete with Uncharted 2. Okay it can but it doesn't hold up.

People like to bring up Bioshock's poor FPshooting as a reason it doesn't deserve to move on often, then RDR doesn't for a similar reason. Its combat its downright awful. The cover system is vastly inferior to U2, the aiming is as well. Weapons are a push because its very apples/oranges but U2 has the benefit of not having any stupid turret sections.

U2 train level is the epitome of game defining magnificence, everyone remembers how well-thought and designed that level is. RDR's by contrast is completely forgettable as is most of the Mexican section. The ending and first third of RDR are great and deserve all the praise including best late title-card ever.

But the entirety of U2 is from top to bottom outstanding. The MP is also better in U2 than RDR again simply because its more fun to shoot in U2 than RDR.

I don't get how RDR is winning the poll at this point aside from not as many people playing U2. RDR wasn't even the best game the year it came out much less a better game than Uncharted 2.