GOTY 2012

2012 was a weird year for me, I spent the first three months catching up on the many, many games I missed out on in 2011. Uncharted 3, Batman, Dark Souls, Saint's Row the Third, Skyrim and more. Practically every big fall release from 2011 I hadn't played and needed to rectify that ASAP.

But around the time Mass Effect 3 came out I finally managed to clear up that backlog and hop into my most anticipated game of the year in ME3. As you can tell it disappointed me like no other game prior. Despite this 2012 managed to prove to be the year of the downloadable title. Many of which I missed out on. Fez (which frankly scares me), Journey, Sound Shapes and Dust were some big downloadable titles that had I gotten to them may of very well made this list. But frankly I just didn't have time nor the money or as the case with Dust and Fez the console (please do PC ports).

Other noteworthy titles that I missed this year include Halo 4, Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution, and Darksiders II. Judging from reactions and history I'd say FC3 is the only one that would have a shot in my top ten but I'll have to wait till 2013 to find out for sure. Without further ado, my top 12 games of this year.

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