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Soooo this game is pretty neat/pretty

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IGN the driving force behind baseless bullshit

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@pinner458: You are NOT alone duder, thats the most important thing to realize. My life has fallen completely apart in the last year, and I am slowly picking up the pieces. Friends are the most important thing though man, surround yourself with the people that love you and it will slowly get better. Don't expect a magic pill or a perfect day that will turn it around, this shit takes time... it's awful and it sucks but other people out there go through the same shit everyday. PM if you ever want to talk or anything, I'm no doctor but I can definitely relate...

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yea same here, looks like i'll have to wait another day(s) to play it... same thing happend with wolfenstein on digital dl... fucking malarky

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Janesville, Wisconsin

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boysef on steam, i'd love to play with you duder's, I REALLY suck fair warning

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central time

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@musai said:

@boysef said:

there is nothing funnier than disillusioned white males. "they said if I joined the frat I would be loved and revered forever!" that being said. Welcome to journalism as a whole. I know, I know its a little overwhelming... take some time.. get your legs back, if you need to vomit theres a toilet shaped like your own anus in the corner.

That's not what I'm going for, sorry to ruin your narrative. The fact that there IS a frat is worrying. Even if I want to be in the clubhouse, I want to see people other than white guys in there.

Well it's games. Even though it is a billion dollar industry, it' still a niche market to a degree. And the people that actually care about games news? Even more niche. Also referring to your freelance/college work as slavery? Top tier self righteousness buddy, way to go for gold

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boredom breeds vitriol... it's ok... i'm bored too

Does this mean that the Star Wars franchise only exists because some key characters were bored out of their minds? Because that makes way too much sense.

dude wanted to bang his sister he was so bored... those poor womp womp rats never stood a chance did they?