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@jd_delgado: The podcast linked by @jakob187 may be better at explaining everything but that news is kinda dated now as the ousted leader has been re-instated.

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@weebs: Sorry just saw this post was a few days old but yeah we are pretty active and in the BRAVE alliance along with Brave Newbies Inc (the largest new player corp in the game).

We are super open to new duders playing some EVE and all that awesome stuff.

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In what could be a considered a drastic response to Pandemic Legions seizure of its player owned space, BRAVE Newbies announced after closed door meetings that a secret vote was held to remove previously appointed CEO Lychton Kondur last night.
The CNM (Council of Newbie Management) as appointed FC and Veteran Member Malanek to take over duties as acting CEO of BRAVE.

Lychton was appointed by the previous BRAVE founder Matias Otero.

Pandemic Legion's Post-Catch After Action Report can be found on which documents and hypothesizes issues in BRAVE leadership and middle and upper management.

Kite Co's own CEO Jester Royal was involved in the Secret vote - Which was probably felt really cool to do.

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I go and do dishes and this is what I miss. Worst luck ever.

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I cannot believe I missed this.

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I want to say yes, but my heart says no. A set of working guild features would 180 that decision.

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Just came here to say how hype this trailer made me for EVE. Those BNI and HERO clips were pretty great.

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@do_the_manta_ray are you guys still approving casters? Spaghetti wasn't sure if the list was updated so I figured I'd ask.

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Awesome article!


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7o, Kite Co best Co. Ryan Davis best Ryan Davis.