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@youngfrey: Actually, the same code might be redeemable once one every server. At least it used to be like that, not sure if they ever changed it.

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This man is the real deal! Many thanks.

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Wouldn't mind a hecarim one. (well i wouldn't mind either one i guess) I'm on EUNE.

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Rip in peace Mr. Davis, you will not be forgotten!

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Such a trickster:

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He should wander around the woods surrounding the mountain, filming a gritty remake of 'Stand by Me' set in a post-apocalyptic alternate future Japan where gaming doesn't exist.

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But how are they supposed to release their Wii HD collections if they did that?

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I don't like it when they're showing both games at once, the screens are too small if you're not sitting close to your monitor while watching.

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Warning! Spoilers for the ending on the wiki page.

Yume Nikki (Dream Diary) is very unsettling and has a general unpleasant atmosphere. The ending made me feel bad for weeks afterwards.

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Amazing work!

Would love to see Patrick with the suit on.

And it just struck me, how about the Giant Bomb logo as Jack Frost (or any other variation of the Jack/Frost family)?