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I don't get why Nintendo is putting so much effort into promoting Wind Waker HD. It's a HD remake of a game that came out 2 generations ago! Don't get me wrong, the original was a fantastic games, and WW is one of my favourite games. I'll be picking it up on the WiiU for sure, but I can't be the only one who thinks that this move makes Nintendo look desperate and weak. If it were a new Zelda games then it would be a fantastic move, but a re-make? Come on Nintendo!

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In regards to the whole 'Value vs Price' point, I think Jeff's point on the podcast was great. The thing about including price in a review is that you can't judge every single persons perception of a set amount in a unified way that could be used in a review. For example, I am in a much better position financially these days compared to 10 years ago, so for me the value I expect from a $20 video game has changed in those 10 years. These days I am very satisfied with a game like "Journey" whereas 10 years ago I wouldn't have even considered picking up such a short game for the price. However, the reviews can not possibly take that into account, so they have to rely on more traditional ways to communicate the value of a game to it's audience. It's just another reason why people need to stop attacking or praising websites that agree with their viewpoint just because it shares their opinion. I don't know about other people, but personally I love reading reviews or opinions from people that hold completely opposite views from my own, because then usually I get a better understanding and can appreciate their viewpoint, and my own, more.

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I like the art style of Muramasa. I think that'll be a game I'll pick up once I have finished up the first lot of games I buy.

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Thanks for the link. That thing is really useful. There are a few on there I completely forgot about!

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There are a few on there I plan on getting. Monster Hunter 3, new super Mario Bros, Scribblenauts and Pikmin 3 are on my definite list for the WiiU. I'm on the fence about ZombieU, but Patrick gave it a good score, so we'll see.

As for the Wii, well, Skyword, Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong country and Xenoblade are my definite (If at a reasonable price) list. Thanks for reminding me about Little Kings story too!

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I remember playing a lot of Mario party with friends on the N64. It tore my hand to hell, but it was worth it. I am looking into Xenoblade Chronicles too. I want to play that game too, but like you hinted at, it seems difficult to find at a good price.

What are your thoughts on Nintendoland. I am getting a basic Wii U (Mainly because it's a good chunk cheaper than the 32gb version) but I thinking of getting Nintendoland as well. You can get it for less than £20 these days. Is it worth it? What about ZombieU?

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That sounds good! I just checked it out. It looks like the kind of game I could get my wife to play with me too.

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I have owned every Nintendo console up until the launch of the Wii, but I never bought the Wii itself. I usually got a few minutes here and there to play either in a game store or on a friends machine. I liked the machine but due to some personal reasons I didn't pick one up. Now, I am thinking about picking up the Wii U.

I know the library is a little thin at the moment, but I know there are a few games down the line that I really want to play. However, because the Wii U is backwards compatible I am ready to dive in.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what Wii U or Wii games do you recommend I pick up? How about on the virtual console? Or any other digital releases?

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This is a little late, but I want to say R.I.P Ryan.

I have been listening to the podcast for a long, long time and followed the guys over from Gamespot. I, like many people here, have had this strange one way relationship with the guys, but over the years I have come to view them as amazing and friendly people who have helped me get over some rough times. Thank you all!

I have been a little swamped with work these last 2 months, so I am about 3 episode behind ( It was the awesome daily E3 podcasts where I started to fall behind) and it's really surreal listening to Ryan talking after knowing what I now know. I am cherishing every minute of each podcast until I catch up. Ryan was a super friendly guy who always put a smile on my face when I was feeling down. R.I.P brother.

Also, I am going to try to be a more active member of this community after reading and hearing about all the amazing support that you guys have given over the last week. This is an amazing community!

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I always look forward to Worth Reading. Although I don't really check out the videos, the articles are always a good read. This is why this week I was surprised that Patrick choose the 'Addictive' article from the Kotaku website. I can't be the only one who found that article obnoxious, and, actually, insulting. I mean, calling people stupid from wanting to get a good number of hours out of a game they have bought?! As someone who has limited gaming time on my hands I don't want to play a game that requires hundreds of hours to complete, but at the same time I appreciate that there are people who do. I think a big issue with games journalism is that the writers sometimes can't think from the perspective of an average gamer when their whole world is in games, and make brash judgements.

Anyway, thanks Patrick. I found the SimCity articles all interesting. And, as a fellow gamer who has never played Monster Hunter, but is constantly surrounded by it, what with living in Japan, I am looking forward to reading about your experience with the game.