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Damnit this was the perfect opportunity to unthaw J Allard... WHY is he not involved at least as a consultant.

J got the F out.

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I only got two codes (one for me and one friend), but whatever Ninty. :p

  • A074QP7P097PR40B
  • A070260E0EDCBRL5

Canada. Enjoy!

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Still laughing at the idea that so much as a quarter of Jeff's readership have any idea what WKRP is. My brother is in his late 40s, and can still tell stories about that show and how relevant it was to actual stations.

Also @jeff I'm super disappointed you're not calling Bamco out for their lack of Ridge Racer. I can't even consider this generation begun, until we have a formulaic Ridge game with wetpavetech. Goddammit.

Hell yes, any Burnout will be better than any Ridge. But fuck man, PS4 R4 HD?

Can. You. Dig. It.

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So has anyone start fixes them yet? (Programmers and grammar, so NEAR yet so FAR... ;)

Good luck to all the applicants.

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The main thing in the job listing is that you must pass the background check. That cannot be stressed enough.

My current desktop background is Servbot's sick Fez bedroom wallpaper.

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"Is there a Sean Connery tickbox?" ~ Guest Show Bombcast before he was hired. I think SpeedDragon is what got him the job. :D

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@nixonsghost said:

I think beta and alpha will be replaced with "Pre-Play", as in "Pay us more to get exclusive access to Pre-Play the new Call of Duty - Moon Soldiers!"

Then they can tack on the Pre-Play Beta, so people will feel like they're getting early access to the early access.

Likely most accurate. Just wanted to thank you for crushing the last remnants of my joy for life. Didn't want it anyway.

@brightside: Funjustified!

@spraynardtatum: Nemesystm?

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Game of Da Yeazy

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During a recent train of thought about J Allard, the term Brandbassador coalesced in my head. It's not a new term but at a scarce 60k+ Google results including a twitter hashtag search of record, it's certainly poised to take 2015 by buzzstorm.

Suggest your most sadistically ear-flaying marketingspeak you hope to see drowning out truth in 2015.

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Grats HERO. We talk about you lots in E-Uni.

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This made my morning reading this story. I miss all you folks (especially @brackynews!) terribly and will probably end up back in EVE within the next couple months (edit: fuck it I gotta shoot some rocks, its been long enough) knowing my luck! Really happy to hear that Kite Co. is still growing and thriving.

Miss you too duder. Been a while since I had time to think about playing the game or visiting the websites. :D Seen ya once or twice. Kept the lights on as long as I could. Didn't raid the pantry too much.

I'm moving on with my own EVE meta right now. If you'd like to resume some adventures I'm sure we overlap somewhere. Might even rejoin KiteCo on an appropriate toon like Spacemerica Jones. ;)

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Adios los tacos! Keep on Nuggin'!