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@nophilip said:

The general shittiness of the Galaxy Map is my only major complaint about the game right now.

What if it played Uncharted Worlds the whole time?

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@hero_swe said:

Sent a request, seeing as how you can't name groups/clans/guilds/etc right now and you have already established yours. I'm hoping Space Neon Lobsters will be revived with Corvus muninn's group when it becomes a possibility

Long live Space Neon lobsters!

Crab heil! Crab heil!

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I gotcha. Mainly I just don't know how big a pool the top percentiles in a character would be. Knowing 3% minus 2% would help me, maybe, but also no clue how characters compare.

He's definitely on the hardcore side (doesn't play other games, been playing for 10 years, attends the International), but because it's not a bandwagon thing I figure he's not into the fame, and wouldn't quit his day job for it. I used to take pride as being in the top 100 wiki editors here, but had to let it go. :) And all points systems can be gamed.

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I actually have this in hand now. Will be posting it online for sale but PM me (seriously, Send PM) if you'd like a deal or a trade for it.

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Damnit this was the perfect opportunity to unthaw J Allard... WHY is he not involved at least as a consultant.

J got the F out.

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I only got two codes (one for me and one friend), but whatever Ninty. :p

  • A074QP7P097PR40B
  • A070260E0EDCBRL5

Canada. Enjoy!

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Still laughing at the idea that so much as a quarter of Jeff's readership have any idea what WKRP is. My brother is in his late 40s, and can still tell stories about that show and how relevant it was to actual stations.

Also @jeff I'm super disappointed you're not calling Bamco out for their lack of Ridge Racer. I can't even consider this generation begun, until we have a formulaic Ridge game with wetpavetech. Goddammit.

Hell yes, any Burnout will be better than any Ridge. But fuck man, PS4 R4 HD?

Can. You. Dig. It.

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So has anyone start fixes them yet? (Programmers and grammar, so NEAR yet so FAR... ;)

Good luck to all the applicants.

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The main thing in the job listing is that you must pass the background check. That cannot be stressed enough.

My current desktop background is Servbot's sick Fez bedroom wallpaper.

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"Is there a Sean Connery tickbox?" ~ Guest Show Bombcast before he was hired. I think SpeedDragon is what got him the job. :D