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I have a feeling none of this would have happened if they weren't hyping up new hires for months, opening up applications despite the individuals already being decided on and teasing the audience for weeks with vague hints. If all of a sudden Dan and Jason were on the staff it would be just another day.

I genuinely believed that the cries of disappointment today would be about hundreds of community members applying for a CBSi job, being passed over for two people with industry experience (at the same company no less). Which is absolutely what I anticipated would happen in the end, especially for the senior editor position. Just given the massive amount of views and discussion in the "we're hiring" thread, I thought the sentiment would be quite different internally. It seems this external outcry has at least pushed any of that to the background.

And very possibly community hires for associate and internships will still come out of it, we have a lot of awesome people. But Jeff has said it time and again, someone looking for a job is competing with people who already have the skills and the experience.

The rest of the controversy blindsided me. Personally I think it would've been awesome to score an editor with a Japanese background. Like the 8-4 guys, that doesn't mean they need to be ethnically Japanese, but that can't be too much of a challenge in San Francisco with 33% of the 2010 census being Asian. But I'm also not looking to play the minority card, I'm looking to fill different gaps in the team, not build a team who share increasingly similar opinions about the same games.

I appreciate diversity of background, regardless of race, gender, or other checkbox distinctions.

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Almost forgot to say welcome, welcome! Happy Canada Day!

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Yup, sounds like the quintessential experience for new players in null. Flashy skies. 7o

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Nope, no erotic fan fiction here. I'll come back later.

Fight or Flight, a Tale of Two Downloads...

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It looks like back in April, the T.O.Jam had a proof of concept tech demo of a Paperboy remake. I love the idea that it's basically an Oculus exercise machine. Now I want something that works with my Nordictrack tread-ski. Or I would if a Nordictrack tread-ski wasn't a terrible idea.

Good to see what Canadian devs are up to. The website also has a pretty cool game of Space Invaders. :D

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I honestly forget what the current rules are for sell/trade posts. :/

The latest BL2 Vita bundle is a really good price for me, cheaper than the hardware alone. Very tempting. (Full disclosure I haven't bought it yet.)

But I don't want a portable copy of BL2. Would anyone trade it for something else? I'd accept a gifted game or something of equal value on any platform I have.

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And you know what? It has to be said but I'm kinda bummed out that no one from Giant Bomb said anything about the quality of this port. Are they that chummy with Iron Galaxy that they can joke around that their games are made in Flash but no mention on honest criticism about a broken ass port? And no, nobody having time or interest to cover this is not a valid excuse, this was easily one of the most anticipated titles coming out of the Vita, how can you fail to cover that in any shape or form?

Shrug. They want to do more Vita capture stuff, but Sony didn't make it easy. Why would they be hyped about a port the same way they're hyped about more Pushmo? They usually aren't, and neither is the Giant Bomb audience.

There's no official review of Divekick, Transistor, or Disney Infinity either. Tron got 3 stars and Jeff got all 1000 points. 95% of their criticism good or bad gets delivered via video format. It tends to avoid the metacritic machine, and yes, not get their friends in trouble. Jeff might be playing BL2 Vita now and maybe he'll talk about it next week, but feel free to ask on his Tumblr if you really need to know.

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Not sure he had to tell everyone the specifics but feel better.

Shareholders care very much about how healthy CEOs are. It's not for us. If he didn't have to miss the annual meeting it would probably have been a footnote during the call.

@mr_creeper: Figures this community wouldn't make an Elvis reference. ;)

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My dream is that he becomes a Sky Marshal for a short stint =P

I'm just gonna pretend you said Sky Captain...


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I love the way Ryan's foot shakes when he's losing it. Drake did dat.

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The question on everybody's mind: what does this mean for the DrakeTracker?

Out with the old, in with the PopeProbe.