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Truly beautiful. 7o for you all.

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Why not update the 2DS? :P

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I like teaching a lot of the niche stuff in the EVE University class library that doesn't get a lot of the sexytime that How to Pee-Vee-Pee does. :3

For your viewing torture, if you've ever wondered about the impenetrable voodoo of Corp UI that causes alliances to dissolve and corp leadership to be overturned, suffer through this stream I recorded this week. It will get migrated away from Twitch eventually into the class library.

Edit: moved to Youtube...

Spoiler: the second hour is the really boring bits about roles, until the very end with medals. *\o/*

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It is never time for Klax.

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third player to interrupt the match at some point.

Electrical. Cords.

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@mormonwarrior said:

Sidenote: What in the world is the difference between yo-shi and yosh-i? Those sound identical to me and the argument is dumb.

Rules for Japanese pronunciation are not at all difficult, English speaking people just don't know how to interpret words that are romanised.

Yo and Shi are two phonetic characters. Part of the Japanese alphabet, so to speak. よし. The adopted kanji have several meanings:

From Japanese "good luck", "righteous", or "good". I have met grown men named Yoshi and this is what their name means.

"Yosh-" is an expressive term that simply means "all right!". You drop the ending vowel when speaking, but it would still be the Shi character when written out, because there is only one "sh" consonant character in the entire alphabet. Ultra-common words like "desu" are the same. You can omit the final vowel sound, but the character is always "Su", in the S column. (Some people are confused by the romanised character "Tsu", that's a problem of trying to understand a language through translations instead of native characters.)

Fundamentally, and I will murder any fool who disagrees with me (except maybe @pepsiman), the Japanese language does not depend on syllable emphasis and intonation the way that Chinese and western languages do. English has heteronyms (DESert - arid region, and desERT - to leave). Japanese is mainly homonyms. You can say YOshi and yoSHI and it's all the same if you don't mind sounding like a silly foreigner.

Emphasis and intonation in Japanese are emotive and expressive, and while there is absolutely such a thing as regional dialects and accents (like saying Ti instead of Chi), it doesn't change the meaning of words as long as both parties understand what is being said. Sometimes people will draw with their finger in mid-air if they are referring to a specific kanji meaning of a common word. All communication is context.

In Mandarin you can insult someone by dropping a syllable's tonal pitch instead of raising it. Hence a lot of confusion by how all Asian languages treat pronunciation.

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@guanophobic: That's right, and I agree from experience that VOD from Twitch has always been a bad, stuttery experience compared to silky smooth livestreams. But again, we're talking about shared parent infrastructures. Twitch and Youtube would both have the Google backbone resources behind them to leverage their expertise and make up the slack, something like Gamespot and Giant Bomb both leveraging a CBSi building and budget.

Maybe Twitch archiving is all Amazon S3 and it's a hassle to migrate? :/

@ch3burashka: Google tattooed my real name on my arm. Every time I log in to Youtube I am reminded of the shame. (It's horrible that we are saying this, but even more horrible that the metaphors work.)

@villainy: Not being an American, I'm not convinced lawsuits really solve anything, but it's nice to see developers tired of their shit being appropriated by other companies "safeguarding your Intellectual Property Rights". Newsflash, underdogs like exposure and momentum, it's how you grow.

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Boy, this is geocities all over again. :/

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@guanophobic said:

@robo said:

For the record, the VOD expiration date makes perfect sense. Those videos had to have been taking up INSANE amounts of storage space.

And a incentive to just archive to youtube? Or is that functionality not in?

You guys realise you're talking in circles right? If Twitch is acquired by Google, twitch datacenters become google datacenters. And Youtube doesn't purge. Not to mention that Twitch customers are paying customers, compared to Google ad-magnets.

It doesn't matter two shits where those files are archived. What... is twitch trying to save some money on shipping its hard drives to Google? Total absurdity. There's something crazy going on behind the scenes. Yo Jared!