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I do not have the upstream bandwidth to stream myself (as I learned 2 years ago doing the community Extra Life), but I will certainly offer to team up during the right timezone for any of the following:

  • EVE Online - free trial is enough, but I can also donate a spare 30 day code
  • Star Trek Online - we just finished our megacontest!
  • Minecraft - new community server with hella mods
  • Diablo 3
  • Torchlight 2
  • Dark Souls
  • Borderlands 2

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Yeahhhhh buuuuuut... Let me lay this mindkiller on you...

  • Xbox Live Shop Music?
  • PSN Shop Music?


Also considering the PS4 is being designed with Instant Resume, their startup sequence may need to be majestic for people to pay attention on the occasional time they boot from scratch.

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"Used" is simply a term we apply to physical things that aren't still pristine from their manufactured state. It's the wrong term, really. Trading/reselling games is the actual issue, whether they are discs or digital, and Microsoft seems to be taking a good look at the possibilities there. Whether publishers agree it's feasible is all that matters, though.

Absolutely no technical issue prevents me from clicking on a Steam game I own, "Send to Inventory", and trading it away. The reason that feature doesn't exist yet is because the business agreements (and philosophy) to allow it are not established, because there is no ironclad assurance that I can't also keep the game offline. It's like selling music or movie collections after you've ripped them. That is indeed piracy, and people do/did it regularly.

@tastybread said:

It's like when the US switched to digital broadcasting and forced everyone to either buy new TVs or get conversion boxes.

Um, no it's not like that at all. Because you couldn't buy your TV signal in a paper box at a store and trade it with a friend after you watched a few shows. :) Your point I think is that there was a forced change, which sometimes needs to happen yes. But it does take a long time to mandate and always upsets people. Countless examples, including switching off original Xbox Live support. You should read this to understand how much the signal conversion cost the government.

Maybe all of us just need to get to being connected already.

This statement proves to me that you haven't come close to thinking about the issues enough. Network accessibility is not something we are born with. It demands infrastructure on a national and international scale, and it demands a level of wealth that not everyone has. We as a society are not there "already". You should talk to Al Gore about that. ;)

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@randomhero666: Very sad I missed the kabooms. T__T Good times, yessir.

@nodderly: It's like downloading 2 gigs of my misspent youth. Delicious gigs.

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Y U DESTROY MY SUMMR? I have EVE rocks that need shooting...

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Uhh, well since this is in the PS forum I'll try to think... Championship Sprint is probably my only tragedy on PSN. Uncontrollable. Also, Jesus Christ, Wikipedia.. sorting on The... :P

For XBLA I got both the Galaga Legions games, because I apparently have a brain disorder?

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They didn't do a press conference, so I'm not sure they did in fact choose to stream everything as one mass. I suggest be patient, some site must be working on editing what they recorded live at the show, assuming they are allowed to broadcast it; and it is possible that Nintendo slapped a limit on it. Everything coming out of Nintendo should show up on their Facebook and Youtube.

Also, shocking I know, but sometimes you have to be there to see things. ;p These attitudes aren't changing overnight.

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@crunchbitejr: Glad you made it! Yes we have some big fleet holdings upgrades in the pipe now, and there is a great one coming up this summer that is meant to reduce the dilithium burden for smaller fleets.

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I have no insight into the matter but my guess is they will make this a quarterly or semi-annual event at the very most.

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@iburningstar: Doomsaying is a waste of time, and it seems like you're writing a case study for a Marketing class, rather than presenting a historically accurate and empirical look at consumer behaviour. People fucking forget their outrage unless they are personally burned and badly. Even then, how many people have owned "five 360s" instead of giving up after the first one red ringed? Video game and technology consumerism defies all logic. How many clothing or car brands do you rebuy if they keep falling apart when you use them?

How many people thought that the beef markets of the world would collapse after confirmed cases of mad cow? Five Guys' still doing fine. Japan still imports Canadian beef. Gamers aren't going to give up their games either. Xbox One will do totally fine because eventually everything becomes the New Normal, and if overhauls to Windows can't kill Microsoft, Xbox certainly won't.

Sony lost personal data of over 77 million PSN customers to hackers in 2011. I promise you that "the internet made up its mind" then too. I for one, cancelled my linked credit card and only use points cards or Paypal even now. There are PS3 consumers who swore blind for 7 years they DO NOT PAY for online multiplayer. Will ALL of those people now move exclusively to the Wii U or PC? Hell goddamn no, they're probably paying for PSN+ already. No change to their personal status quo. Why get upset about things in principle? ;)

People want what they want when they want it, no matter how much fun it is to get all angry about it. <Call of Duty Boycott group.jpg>