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Clicked expecting troll thread... left saying "America!". Happy 4th indeed.

Fun fact: My first two image submissions to Giant Bomb:

@pepsiman: Thanks for those. Saved me the trauma of even looking. ;)

that's million bucks

Bless you. :)

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@the_laughing_man said:

Edit. How the hell do you not know the specs of the damn system you are making?

Dunno. Possibly the same way you jam more RAM in at the last minute? Eh, maybe not.

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@sooty said:

The return of more bad characters. Great.

More incentives for Fang cosplay. Great!! :D

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I'll be sure to tell my grandma about this so she doesn't fall for it.

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@lexus2jz: Sounds like you don't have much to be concerned about then.

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I'm an RSS user so I never really care much about the player, but I will mention that within the past week, Youtube has been giving me issues with drops and pauses that need to be skipped over and restarted.

Sometimes these things are endemic to the internet itself and not about one site or its player code. If your argument is "my internet is blazing fast so it's not me" well no it's not you, but neither do you understand how the internet actually works, if you're blaming the other guy while also ignoring the tens of thousands of middlemen. If one packet route is taking an extra 50ms to reach you, eventually that's going to outstrip the buffer. You can increase your buffer to the memory limits of your player, or you can download the video first and avoid the issue.

@hedfone: @theunsavedhero: I had a thread on this a while back too. The new Low encoding has settings that completely choke with fast movement. I posted two Simcity screenshots for comparison. Since LowQ videos are what my "get everything" feeds are, I'd like it if it was better (read: like the old site), but honestly it doesn't matter that Jartime or Motorbike is hi-def. To me it's an unnecessarily large podcast. :)

@lexus2jz said:

Idk why they just don't embed the youtube player instead of trying to be slick and making their own.

Um. Like this?

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This is the right kind of mistake to make.

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@super2j said:

Are you telling me you... [snip]

That was quite well bespoke. Somewhere a social marketing consultant is pumping a fist in the air. :)

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@mento said:

It'd be nuts if Atlus got bought by Square-Enix. I can only imagine the JRPG power of that triumvirate.

Persona IV-2.

I can take it. :D

@pr1mus: We're calling the industry-norm practice of triple-A development the "Cliffy B mentality" now? Didn't that kind of dig become moot when he retired?

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Too Human, because then you have to play it and I have the choice not to watch it.

My vote is the 200th so that should count, like, way more.

Props for Ellison too.