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@zlimness said:

What the hell, Justin Calvert and Ryan MacDonald?! Wow, that's very surprising. I wish these guys good luck. They should totally get together and start their own site. Damn.

Covert and Big Mac. :( End of an era. This now feels like 2007. :((

I guess I'll be watching Satterfield's new venture even more closely.

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I see Caro is retweeting the people who are being jerks. :/ Personally I have a lot of distaste for McShea, but I'm not going to tweet to his feed about it. Guy got married, maybe has family plans.

@cale said:

So how does this stuff usually work? Do the people concerned usually have an idea that this is going to happen, or do they just come to work one day and find out it's their last?

The "pink slip" part of layoffs is almost always a surprise to the people affected. Generally a company will communicate that such a review is pending for a business unit, so for any number of days or weeks or longer they could have known it was on the horizon. During these times it's not unusual for employees to voluntarily voice their desire to move on or take severance, which helps managers make decisions when it is purely a matter of scaling back numbers. Always better to let someone go willingly, versus a lawsuit risk.

Some companies are absolute shitlords and will end up doing layoffs before the Christmas holidays, but generally month-end is a common timeframe (for final paychecks), as is early in the week as opposed to Friday (for the courtesy of people's productivity in job hunting instead of being stunned all weekend). Perhaps the more relevant answer to your question is that no, people (non-executives at least) who are laid off or fired aren't allowed to hang around for days and get their things in order first. That is also a big risk to the business; involuntary breaks need to be swift and clean or they get messy fast.

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I would love to see GB get Carolyn.

These kinds of comments were sweet when GB was with Whiskey and could go wherever the wind took it, but I assure you that people are not being laid off by one CBSi business unit to be hired by another unit in the same building. That is absolutely and obviously ridiculous from a corporate viewpoint. If there were transfer opportunities those would have been discussed at an upper management level already. I realise Giant Bomb is testament that GameSpot breaks the mold when it comes to people coming full circle, so I won't say they'll never be back in the building... but I also don't see that situation repeating itself.

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It's been a few years since I last went to CAEX, but I still get the mailings from Mark B. each year and was glad to see what the shirt designs are for 2014. I scrolled all the way to the bottom and discovered this nice collage of arcade logos, which I instantly realized is the first letter(?!) of different games.

So if you have an eye for logo/cabinet art, put your guesses in a spoiler block and compare. Come back and re-guess as long as you don't spoil yourself. I’ll let someone else have the fun of actually confirming what everything is. I'm actually a little upset that I can't place every single one in the top row, since they are all so familiar. (If you don't recognise the year font please turn in your gamer card now.)

  • C - Contra
  • A - Altered Beast
  • L
  • I
  • F - Food Fight
  • O - Super Off-Road
  • R - Rampage
  • N - NARC
  • I - Ikari Warriors
  • A - Arkanoid
  • E
  • X - Xevious
  • T - Track & Field
  • R - Robotron 2084
  • E
  • M - Mr. Do
  • E
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It took me six months to finish Ocarina of Time.

Motherfucker, I still haven't finished Wind Waker. :D

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@sethphotopoulos said:

@virtualpolecat said:

@brackynews's point is valid, nonetheless.

He said never and I was just saying that there are successful kickstarters.

I could've said "not" if you get frustrated by hyperbole. ;) And yes I'm well aware Shovel Knight beat the odds, I remember hearing about it long time ago from EpicNameBro.

Polecat made my summary point more factually that I would have, thanks. I would've simply posted, in that successful video game Kickstarters would seem to be the exception. That reinforces having great expectations is setting up for disappointment. Remember the Pitfall developer trying one? Are people super-happy with Broken Age? It's interesting...

And let me be clear, I'm mainly being critical of the middlemen taking a percentage. For all the failed KS that do not complete, one assumes that the processing fees of the successful ones make up for it. Does that make a $150k premium a fair amount to withhold from a struggling creator? I'm not sure.

Also I'm pleased to buy Shovel Knight now instead of when it was cheaper because they still actually need to make a profit now, and I know what I'm getting. Generally I will give any KS I want to support $5 or so, rarely even enough for the lowest reward tier. I gave it a fair try early on, I just try to expect nothing in return.

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Fundamentally this sounds like Spec Ops: The Line (which I enjoyed) but with more bandannas.

Permanently putting W_D on my Don't Bother list.

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And my track record of never expecting anything out of Kickstarter projects continues unbroken. Paying artists lump sum before they actually begin work is madness. Half-start, half-delivery is the only safe compromise, and I'd want 10 years of expertise before I ever agreed to let someone be paid on good faith. 35,000 is not a retainer fee.

no one and I mean NO ONE has gotten rich from this effort or is even better off then when we started,

This is incorrect. Amazon and Kickstarter jointly pocketed $152,665. That is where people's money went.

We had no way to force that person to pay back any of the funds and it was a bitter lesson to learn. Always get every possible scenario in writing or you will have no legal recourse.

It's interesting that this statement echos how many backers feel.

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@sethphotopoulos said:

I was surprised by how respectful they were during the One Piece quicklook.

That's the show with Goku, right?

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Excavation Muhammedan is my favourite robot master boss.

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I created this original image for the UMN page, because no clear art existed for it, and used it ever since. Like many, a unique avatar is much more recognizable than even a forum name. Especially for the old-timers like me without massive post counts. I've also created a few that you may have seen others use.

At site launch, my avi was a bad crop of a James Pond box, and my profile page art was the Solar Jetman box. On Joystiq I made a Solar Jetman profile and avatar but I don't think I used it here or it would be in my gallery. Heh. Joystiq.