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I created this original image for the UMN page, because no clear art existed for it, and used it ever since. Like many, a unique avatar is much more recognizable than even a forum name. Especially for the old-timers like me without massive post counts. I've also created a few that you may have seen others use.

At site launch, my avi was a bad crop of a James Pond box, and my profile page art was the Solar Jetman box. On Joystiq I made a Solar Jetman profile and avatar but I don't think I used it here or it would be in my gallery. Heh. Joystiq.

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@video_game_king: The only result I desire from all this Xbawkery is Adam Boyes appearing on camera with a big shiny "Net Yaroze 4" lapel button. :D

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@amyggen said:

A brilliant move by Valve.

I would agree that the great majority of what Valve releases to the public is brilliant, at least in the long run. Talented people and a refined process of execution.

It truly makes me wonder about the kinds of insanity that get erased from the whiteboard.

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FF8, the only game that lets you say "5 more Sleeps!" again and again and again. I remember a lot of people upset that they would miss GFs (especially Siren) by not drawing from the correct enemy.

I'm pretty satisfied with the PC's official save cheat. Having a long history of hacking memory and save files on the PS1, I've finished this game enough times that I really don't need to be drawing shit like Fire and Cure right off the bat. And of course I milked the hell out of the intro mission. Those dues are paid.

@thatpinguino: Right. I couldn't remember the name. For anyone who doesn't know, you can choose a save file to be hacked by the game client (or does it actually connect to the server?), giving your party a pile of high grade magic. I'm just guessing but I doubt I'll need to draw for stat boost purposes for the first 20 hours.

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Lovely duder.

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This is the true meaning of independence.

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Thumbs up duder.

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I preordered Ninja Gaiden 2. I think I've maybe finished the third level?

I preordered SWTOR (vanilla), and got 60 extra days of gametime while I was running 4 characters through their starter levels. ie. the most interesting part of the game. My highest level character after 3 years just dinged level 25 (halfway to the launch level cap) and can purchase a speeder.

I'm usually pretty smart and thrifty with my game purchases, I think those are my biggest facepalms. At this point I have more regret over games I sold/traded as a teenager. If I ever did go for the lifetime STO account I'd be pretty happy by now. Not worth starting it today though.

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I have a feeling none of this would have happened if they weren't hyping up new hires for months, opening up applications despite the individuals already being decided on and teasing the audience for weeks with vague hints. If all of a sudden Dan and Jason were on the staff it would be just another day.

I genuinely believed that the cries of disappointment today would be about hundreds of community members applying for a CBSi job, being passed over for two people with industry experience (at the same company no less). Which is absolutely what I anticipated would happen in the end, especially for the senior editor position. Just given the massive amount of views and discussion in the "we're hiring" thread, I thought the sentiment would be quite different internally. It seems this external outcry has at least pushed any of that to the background.

And very possibly community hires for associate and internships will still come out of it, we have a lot of awesome people. But Jeff has said it time and again, someone looking for a job is competing with people who already have the skills and the experience.

The rest of the controversy blindsided me. Personally I think it would've been awesome to score an editor with a Japanese background. Like the 8-4 guys, that doesn't mean they need to be ethnically Japanese, but that can't be too much of a challenge in San Francisco with 33% of the 2010 census being Asian. But I'm also not looking to play the minority card, I'm looking to fill different gaps in the team, not build a team who share increasingly similar opinions about the same games.

I appreciate diversity of background, regardless of race, gender, or other checkbox distinctions.

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Almost forgot to say welcome, welcome! Happy Canada Day!