Ask Me Anything: Games I Champion

I don't just recommend these games... If you haven't played them – whether you enjoy them or not – your gaming worldview is nothing less than bereft and barren. A lesser man might call these "fanboy reviews", a common man might say a "hall of fame", but no, to me, they are everything that I could spare five minutes to write about, and for me that is a big god damn deal. :P

If I've left anything out, it's so that you can Ask Me Anything.

(Writing-heavy list, so let's call it "ever-in-progress".)

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Tron 2.0 was something I always wanted to try, but never really had a chance to. Heard it was a shooter with a substantial upgrade tree (and cool Tron visuals, of course). What specs did you first try it out on, do you remember?
I have never heard of Crimsonland before, so I'll be sure to look it up. 
I played the demo of Starscape and thought it might go interesting places, but I guess the demo stopped before I felt like I could make a decision about it. Always a dangerous game demos play. Give too much and the full game feels unnecessary; give too little and the user may not get an idea what your game has to offer.
Which Star Raiders are you familiar with? Or are you giving me a fist bump, bro?

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@ahoodedfigure: Circa 2004 I was running a computer I built in 2003, which I still have the case and some cards for actually. It had an ATI All-in-Wonder, and an Athlon CPU. That is the last PC I ever built before going iMac in 2006. I also own the OSX version of Tron, but it launched as Power PC only and Apple just doesn't let you roll back for compatibility. Subsequent Intel updates to it now don't work on 10.6+ since Rosetta was yanked. CON_VO_LUTED.EXE

"Early stage" game demos always irk me. The games get so much more interesting later on, typically. I credit the rise of the abilitease to the need for giving the end-game picture to the player right up front without spoiling the story. Dark Void is another good example of a bad demo level killing the hype for a game with some fairly tense scenes.

8-bit Star Raiders is the Only Star Raiders.

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@Brackynews: Emulation in general is gradually getting tougher across the board. Here's hoping that the digital download revolution helps rescue games before they disappear.