Bracky's 2011 GOTYs

There ain't no cool button this year for my votes, so here's the stuff with just a few notes.

Best games I haven't really played yet:

ElS ties with CoE for my Thank-you-for-making-this-gem-but-no-way-i'm-spending-sixty-dollars award.

Excessively long list of Honourable Mentions without context:

You should really know how big a deal this standalone release is. Adam Boyes knows.
In my defense, any matching set is better than these.

Proudest Purchase

Shameful Slipup

  • Picking the wrong button colours for my BurgerTime cabinet... despite the fact there was an original cabinet FIFTY FEET FROM THE VENDOR TABLE. Augh. Xp

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Posted by Corvak

Nice list!

I still kinda like Demons better than Dark Souls though.

And I would also nominate STO for "best post-release MMO" because of how much it's improved. Cryptic bit off more than it could handle developing both STO and Champions at the same time, and as a result, both were very mediocre at launch. STO's space combat remains one of the best things in any MMO recently, for me. Hardline trekkies will find a reason to hate on any piece of Trek media, regardless of how accurate it tries to be - and developers need to walk the line between fun and accuracy.

Portal 2 and Skyrim. These two games are fighting for that #1 spot in my mind right now. I just can't decide.

Still having trouble calling Minecraft a 2011 release. I think it'll always be a 2010 game, official release dates or not.

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Yup my phrasing wasn't crystal clear but I'm still playing my Demon's NG+ too. There is just so much character in that game, good and evil. The NPCs in Dark are well acted and eccentric but just don't resonate with me the same way. Maybe because there are so many?

Cryptic also had a legal obligation to release STO on the date they did. IP licensing is ridiculous, but video games aren't the industry to change that single-handedly... I feel like the "us vs. them" mentality with Star Wars is silly, just like the "WoW vs. everyone" mentality. There is enough money for multiple gorillas to coexist.

At its core MC is a 2010 title, no doubt. But the "game" part of it evolved in 2011 along with the company. It's not only voxel LEGOs now, they have actual LEGOs for that! And Minicraft is definitely 2011. ;)

For your dilemma, if you really want a tiebreaker maybe consider that Skyrim is the Nth iteration of Elder Scrolls in 17 years, and Portal 2 is the second in 4 years. Skyrim has an industry legacy and technical evolution, while Portal 2 has a small team of genius writers and Digipen graduates behind it. I feel the Portal franchise has done more with less, and Elder Scrolls has consistently fought and won the fight to live up to its legacy. But ties are totally ok! :)