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Making video games is hard, you guys. A lot can be forgiven, but that doesn't mean we have to forget. With Bonus citation power!

These games had launch issues so bad as to make the game outright or borderline unplayable, for a multitude of users on their platform of choice.

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Posted by Grognard66

You can add Fallout 3 and Fallout 3: New Vegas on PS3 to that list.

Posted by fisk0

Well, and Fallout 2 with it's infamous "half my car just disappeared and took all my stuff with it" bug.

Also, Boiling Point and Söldner both were released with a lot of crippling AI and physics bugs iirc, having vehicles randomly getting stuck and exploding, and the enemies crashing their vehicles into trees.

Oh, and never forget Battlecruiser 3000AD - after 8 years of development, almost written off as vaporware, the publisher got the bright idea of taking one of the developer's milestone builds and sent it in for production. It barely booted, and few features were even implemented yet. The developer sued the publisher and eventually managed to self-publish a working game, two years later.

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Don't forget the mess with the PC version of Dead Island! Also there's the 360 version of Kane & Lynch 2 with that weird freeze bug everytime you nail a headshot with a shotgun. Err, Persona 4 Arena's 360 version also had that 2nd round glitch as well. Diablo 3 should probably nail a spot, too.

Posted by Brackynews

@fisk0: I think you just described Duke Nukem Forever before Gearbox got ahold of it. ;D Also according to that was certainly not the last time a publisher rather than a developer has decided when to go gold. Like, on a Sunday when nobody was in the office. O_o

@Yummylee: I recall Jeff saying (probably a Jar Time) he had a hard time conferring with other reviewers about the 360's freeze bug, and he didn't take it to IO without the video evidence in hand. Yes it was legitimate, but I think that speaks more to the false sense of uniformity that console hardware has, when multiple people never experience a bug that someone else can (and on multiple consoles at that). So if we take it for granted that QA testing played for more than 7+ hours at a time, it probably was seen, and it somehow got flagged as a shippable bug. Then yeah, it shipped broken.

To some extent I think this list needs to involve some level of corporate mea culpa, clusterfuck, or truly odd circumstance, as with Rage and Bayonetta. That's why I'm trying to include links for context. If at all possible, please include them with suggestions. Thanks!

Posted by ZombiePie
Posted by DocHaus

WWF No Mercy (N64) would erase all of your save data for no reason on occasion. I think the developers offered to replace the cartridge (you see, this was in the days before you could patch things post-launch) but it didn't happen for several months.

Tekken 6 (console version) the netcode was so bad that people just stopped playing until Namco finally patched it up.

Posted by ZombiePie
@DocHaus said:

WWF No Mercy (N64) would erase all of your save data for no reason on occasion. I think the developers offered to replace the cartridge (you see, this was in the days before you could patch things post-launch) but it didn't happen for several months.

Hey if we are talking about games that got shipped that do horrible things with your saved data I guess there's Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie for the DS. It had the horrible glitch where not only was it broken but playing it would randomly reset your DS to factory defaults from time to time. 
Posted by slowbird

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

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Battle vs. Chess is a weird one. I've read/heard about release dates in 2010, 11 and 12. There are reviews dated with the 2011 release, but its Wikipedia page says it was never released in the US due to copyright infringement. A month or two ago (Edit: I guess it was last week. Huh.) it was released on Steam for a few days without giving access to key codes before being removed from the store. Now they're working to release it on Steam as Check vs. Mate. I guess I should do some more research and update the wiki.

Posted by Praxis

Planescape shipped in a very buggy state, with long load times, slowdown during combat, and other assorted glitches, both major and minor. Many walkthroughs for the game warn you to patch before playing it, and numerous sites contain instructions on how to fully install the contents of its CDs to hard drive in order to alleviate its horrendous load times.

Also, no "Shipped Broken" list would be complete without Myth II, which contained an infamous hard drive-erasing bug that forced Bungie to issue a complete recall of the game (before it went on sale, thankfully).

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@slowbird: I never played Big Rigs, so I wanted someone to make the case. lolololololololol ;)

Posted by xtafxfoulfellow

Unfortunately, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Posted by peritus

Inclined to say battlefield 3.

That game had the weirdest bug in multiplayer on launch, where you were constantly looking at youre character from a spectator view while still alive and playing.

Also... battlelog ...