Unnumbered Sequels of Numbered Sequels

"One.. Two.. FIVE!"

"Three, sir."


Note on terms: (Release) refers to the real-world release dates of a subsequent game, whether it is sequel or prequel. (Chronology) refers to the in-universe timeline.

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Posted by Ghostbuster123

For #11 is does not follow MGS4 chronologically. I think it would be best to say it follows Peace Walker sequentially.

Posted by Brackynews
@Ghostbuster123: So noted, we'll see how the story shapes up. I suppose it could precede 4? There has to be a connection somehow.
Posted by RagingLion

Good concept for a list.

Posted by jkuc316

Chronologically, Risings follows MGS2

Posted by AngelN7

Isn´t Crisis Core a precuel? it does follow FFVII sequentially ( I think it came before Dirge of Cerberus) but Im sure it´s a precuel of FFVII

Posted by Brackynews

@AngelN7: It's WORSE than that... I forgot Dirge of Cerberus! Fixed.

Yes, by default the sequential nature of sequels is implied, but in the case of prequels (which can't exist until the original work anchors the timeline), I should specify.

Posted by AngelN7
@Brackynews: Glad to help,  by the way  interesting list you got there if I remember anything else I´ll post something
Posted by MormonWarrior

Here's a suggestion: GTA Vice City

Edited by Brackynews

@MormonWarrior: Yup, fair. Though the GTA chronology is only slightly less crazy than MGS.

EDIT: simplified and clarified (release & chronology).

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