Well, it's a dead horse now...

Three times.

The third time.
The third fucking time. (u c wut i did thar?)

Allow me to put up a little comparisation;

200$ used IBM computer with a 40GB HDD - Bought it in '05, never, not once has it broken down.
1200$ brand new computer, 400GB HDD, Intel Quad-Core Q6600 2.4Ghz, Nvidia 8800GT, etc - Bought it five months ago, died three times thus far.

First two times, it was XP crashing. This time, I'm told to send it back, cause for as far as it goes; The guy who put all parts together, thinks that the Quad-Core's screwed. Now I call it a load of crap - But who can say no to free repairs? Warranties rawk.

But in the end, when you think about it. I paid big time for the 'pinnacle of modern technology', and it's broken down more often than a computer thats worth one-tenth of the thing. The two blue screen of death errors it gave, said two things that repair-dude call "Worth worrying about". SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED and UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. Hell, the fact that the word 'Mount' is in there already scares the hell out of me.

Programmer must've been watching a National Geographic show or something while he wrote up the code...

Anyway, seeing as the one computer that didn't take half an hour to start up, the one where I'd be able to games on, the one with ALL my files, is sincerely fucked - I won't be getting on the thing that often until the thing is fixed. So, no podcast sessions for me, no gaming, no Steam, no X-Fire, no World of Warcraft(leveling the hell up, found out that you need to have a Lvl 55 character in order to actually play that expansion pack they're talking about), less on both Gamespot and Giantbomb.

So, incase anyone's bitching about the fact that everyone's commenting here, and I do jack in return. First of all, can you blame me? Thanks to GiantBomb, I barely feel like roaming the site. Hell, I don't even go beyond the blogs overhere. I comment here and there.

Blogging and paying attention to most blog's been trampled, spit on and killed between the rivalry of GameSpot and Giantbomb. Atleast for me. Hell, I'll appologize for the fact that while knowing it's the sort of "I comment on yours, you return the favor", I haven't been doing anything in return.

Oh, and -Tish-. Shut the hell up, would'ya? You're as mature as a newborn. That blog about everyone moving the hell out to Giantbomb. Hmphh, you sank lower than the chain-blog sequence on Gamespot about Giantbomb. Grow the fuck up, dude. Popularity doesn't mean that your opinion is superior above others. If you're saying that we're immature for saying "Fuck GameSpot, Giantbomb and it's crew are better", then first you deny the sad truth, and second by acting like an ass, you don't gain much credibility. Let alone that by trying to make a opinion sound like a fact, you sank lower than most mafioso's in the Hudson River.

Anyway, yeah. Computer is screwed, I'm quite the prick for not commenting back which I'll make up for and -Tish-, I had a good time bashing you. Bring on the response.

I'll be back fully in a week or so. If that same bastard who installed Vista, can pull it off within a week.


Beating a dead horse...

Oh. Yes.
Oh. Yes.
...Always seems to give that one last pulse. Like rebooting a computer that's fairly screwed up.

Now, back on GameSpot I posted two blogs about my new computer and it's... share of problems. First one, three months ago - I, with my usual state of ignorance, decided it was best to install Windows XP myself, rather than spending 25$ extra on a dude who can actually do it. I used to work as a Internet technician I just say. Anyway, I installed XP myself. And I managed to pull it off. For so long.

I wanted the bigger hard-drive, the 400GB one to be the main C: drive. With the original one, that came with the computer hardware, would be secundary. I tried to get it straight like that, but it ended up with XP throwing files over all hard-drives. Even the two 1GB USB sticks I plugged in as soon as I unboxed the computer. So, apperiantly when I detached one of the USB drives, the thing became unstable and started somesort of "protection" sequene. Which in Microsoft terms, simply means "Martyrdom TEH FILES!". So, XP went down, and so did all my files.

I learned from my mistakes, fuckin' suprise, and called a guy to install Vista for me. As the bastard refused to install XP, "cause Vista is superior in any way". So, he installed Vista and I was stuck with the anti-christ of gaming. Microsoft Vista. No matter what, even with all the updates - My preformance has dropped big time, many games don't work on Vista and half of the files I download don't run on Vista yet.

But all problems aside; The thing worked, and I paid over 1500$ in total, including the repairs. All reason to take what I have, and shut the hell up.

... 'Til this wretched morning. "Driver error, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to reboot."
Did that for half an hour, and it worked. Tried some stuff, like for instance, unlike last time, I took the oppertunity to dump all most of my files and pr0n on a USB. I played some games. I watched half of the Sony E3 2008 conference. And it all worked...

Then I went to take a leak. And when I came back, the wonders of modern technology shitcanned me again.
"Driver error, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to reboot."

While it does work.

I've been rebooting the damn thing for two hours. And then it finally has the energy to put through.
And the funny thing of it all; I have no clue on what the hell is wrong with the thing. All I can think of is the guy screwing up installing Vista as well. Though, if he did, it would've happened a long time earlier, right?

Damn the computers...
Wait, rephrase. Damn the computers that are a straight up pain in the ass.


GoldenEye: Source...

Allow me to go eightyfive year old grandpa on you;

I remember back in the days, playing GoldenEye on the N64. Four player splitscreen, all yelling "C'mon, that's BULLSHIT!" like the early symptoms of becoming the stereotypical Xbox Live player we are. I, holing myself up in the toilets on the Facility map, covering the perimeter with proximity mines and a 12 Guage Shotgun. My buddy Paul, who owned the game, charging with the AK, kicking all our asses. The third guy, Jim(R.I.P.) running about, not knowing what the hell the controls are. And the last fella', Jeffrey, finds new ways to super-camp the Golden Gun.

That all changed when Paulie got Perfect Dark, we never played the "Best FPS ever" together ever again. Though, it was because of Perfect Dark simply being better. Putting all bots of "Brutal Vengance". One good player, one mediocre, and two reaching new lows per gun they find. Paulie, in love with the phenomenon "RUN! THEY'RE COMIN' FOR US!". Me throwing around N-bomb's and blinding everyone, including myself, Jimmy shooting tons of holes in the walls, but somehow not hitting the enemies and Jeff who simply says "Fuck it" and goes to hide out underneath a bunch of boxes, blowing the hell out of everyone that passes.

It's been over four years since I last played 007: GoldenEye. I own a copy of Perfect Dark, but I don't have one of those packs, and can't play Single-Player.

Seeing as I got 'em Steam games running again, I figured I'd download some mods. GoldenEye: Source being one of them. And damn does GoldenEye: Source look alot like 007: GoldenEye. Copyright infringement FTW! Anyway, it's got all the maps revised in Source format. Props, items and most textures used from the HL2 engine. But the extreme gore, and the ragdolling - Priceless.

To name something, the walking down a hallway on the Citadel map(Big open radarplatform, roughly 80FT above ground), and hearing a shotgun blast, followed by watching the poor bastard smack his face against the walkway you're walking on. Followed by watching him drop all the way to the ground. It's got all the guns, levels and even some custom stuff. It's truely a total conversion.



GameSpot's facing the end of the line...

...And try to deny it. While having a slow, and extremely flawed start - Giantbomb so far does everything what GameSpot does better. And to be honest, in the past few days GameSpot has really died out. Not that everyone's gone. It's gone drastically down, so bad that most'll notice. But, back to business...

  • Community Content > Freedom of uploading and adjusting everything.
  • T.O.S > Rules: Don't screw everything up, thanks.
  • Disallowed HTML, "class" & "style" > HTML and all freedom.
  • Admin-only embed videos > Embed videos
  • Pay service > Free
  • Tracking system > Friend Network
  • Comments > Comments, FaceBook-themed "Wall" & personal feeds.
  • Blog header > About Me Section

...And it goes on.

Though, I can't access any Javascript related pages. Like, I can't make or see any comments on anyone's blog. Can't delete anything on this page. For some reason the image in the about me section only appears 40%, etc.

I mean, I'm gonna stick with GameSpot as a priority. I just wonder; How long?
...And to close this blog;



Damn Steam client...

For nearly a month I couldn't play any Source engine based games, like Counter Strike: Source, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Deathmatch, GoldenEye Source, and the like. For some reason I was able to run Garrys Mod, a game that completely profits from the engine... But, turns out I could only use half of the stuff available.

Everytime when I'd start up a game through Steam(there's no other way...), it would for five seconds before the HL2 Engine Error popped up. For a month I tried literally everything, re-installing all games, one by one. Went through a crapload of websites. Downloaded nearly forty seperate patches.

So, after I gave up hope. I figured 'what the hell', and I disabled the in-game Steam menu, as I got sick of it.

...Aaaaannnddddd it turns out that exactly THAT was the problem all along. The games would crash cause of Steam trying to give that pop up message; "To access in-game Steam Community, press Tab+Shift". Steam itself was the damn cause all along.

I was almost starting to miss the fragfest Counter Strike...


Back to Bungie v.s The Community

Paging through the E3 content, I came across an article related to Bungie and having somekind of mystery game set within the Halo universe. Basically, it's one of those cases where Microsoft will avoid having their other games being overshadowed by what is the biggest ****ing advertisement on it's own. A Halo game.

But, I personally don't give a good goddamn whether Bungie's going to give birth to another epic milking session or is actually willing to create something that can truely compete with games like GTA:IV and MGS4. All my eye catches is the endless and endless of *****ing that follows such an article.

"Ahh... Not another Halo game.", "**** Bungie, enough milking", "Die Bungie, die", and it goes on.

It suprises me. There's THREE Halo games. Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3. There's now two in the makes, one being a complete blur, the other being a RTS set within the Halo universe. Do five games give a guy the right to say 'Die Bungie, die' as if they've been milking the same franchise for twenty-five ****in' years? Hell no.

I mean, look at Nintendo. How many mother****ing Mario games have there been released? OVER TWO-HUNDREDsince 1981! Yet, everyone's obeying Nintendo as if they're a bunch of Gods, who purchased a slice of heaven and became the holder of The Rights and Wrongs; Originality.

Bungie's getting dogged down for the exact reason of why still, after 27 years, people buy Mario games. People like 'em.

Ah, I can almost hear you think "But you have to admit, Halo 3 was a letdown. The whole series has let us down when it comes to endings". Basically, you're saying there wasn't enough content to justify the purchase. And obviously, like the rest of us misguided fools did the same. Allow me to rephrase that same point; "Do you think it was necessary to create over 200 games, with the major selling point; It has Mario?".

If you're now nodding "Pointless idiot", I'll tell you right now to shut the hell up, and wait 20 years. If then, Halo's still getting milked like the sore cow it is; Then you've made your point. Take Super Smash Brothers Brawl. That game and Halo 3 are nearly similiar on this point; Both were hyped beyond belief. Both were purchased as if they were made out gold, and gave the cure to cancer.

... In the end, a large group came back, saying "Meh, it was good for the first week...".

To cut a end to it; Bungie has done nothing wrong as a company, nor as a developer. And if you still have to stick up for the cliffhanger endings. You should consider giving BioWare and Mass Effect a bull****ting session. ME was 'the first out of a trilogy'. There. Suck on that.

Still, people seem to think they're the anti-christ of gaming for creating a very popular game. Hell, people seem to blame Bungie for it to become popular in the first place.

Wrong; It's the publishers' work to advertise. And as Microsoft discpicted it as their little pearl. A whole year decicated to non-stop ad-campaigns

But still, what people then try to shove the blame on is the hype. People kept saying how good of a game Halo 3 was going to become. Listen, you ignorant, one-way-tracked idiot. Didn't you know that YOUR opinion counts? That you should RENT any game you have doubts on?

Or are you one of those fools that use reviews as a first opinion? Don't know what I'm trying to say with that? "Jeff Gerstmann gave it a 9.5. I MUST BUY IT NOW!". Allow me to quote something I've said a while ago:

"Reviews are the biggest crock of bull****. For what they're worth, they mean as much as any player review. If you honestly, HONESTLY, use reviews as a FIRST opinion - Then you, my dear fella'. Need to get a ****in' brain."

If you didn't use your own opinion first, and to back you up, Gerstmann's review of Halo 3 as a second opinion, you were standing in the mile long line at GameStop. While those who thought smart, were at the Blockbuster spending three bucks on a test run. Now, seeing as on nearly all points I've made a counter, there's one left;

Advertising. Sure, pretty pictures is what sold you, eh? The "Good look of the game". You "liked the impression it gave". You were so certain of yourself before September 25th, 2007. Sure, tons of people still play it today. But I'm talking to the dissapointed ones here.

Let nothing, NOTHING, adjust you from your own taste.

And don't blame a company, for your own mistakes. Dissapointed? Let down? Mass hype? All what could've caused to make you go out and spend the 65$ you so regret, that you verbally attack a company - It. Is. All. Your. Fault.

(I figured I'd copy it. Just  to have it on here. By the way, does anyone know whether vulgar language is even allowed overhere? I mean, there's roughly 10 people listed as staff, and nearly 7.000 of us. Plus, the T.O.S is a strange joke leading to somesort of Comic website)


The bomb went off...

I've joined the guys overhere at giantbomb.com, under the same name. And Y'know, the whole sequence of "If you want to be 'friends' again" - I'll simply keep it with; If you wanna add me overthere, go ahead. If you don't, well, don't. I'm keeping GameSpot as my priority, just copy-'n-paste most of it overhere.

...Though, I guess today could be the start of the real decline of GameSpot.