About that FOX News Article on Bulletstorm...

If you haven't read it yet, FOX News' John Brandon penned up an article about the lolucated argument that is "If lil' Timmy plays this our city will turn into Camden, NJ.".  Some experts agree, some psychologists do as well and in the end the whole debate just won't die off.

In short, a 1200x800 pixels image that basically describes my feeling(s). Afterall, a picture tells a thousand words, amirite? Whaddabout roughly 50?


Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2 in 8 Frames

If you like to sum up two of the deepest and most complicated stories of the now, there you go. The bits most relevant to your story and playthrough in 8 frames. Also, dying was a small setback.


 Real size is 1200x800 FYI.
I'd do more but meh, only if isn't just to crack myself up. Gimme a game and I'll give it a rundown.

Life in the Battlefield...

And before I start writing down the lyrics of Love is a Battlefield with a Fresh Prince nod at it... Battlefield Bad Company 2. The complicated man's Call of Duty. The Forza man's shooter. Known for it's destruction, some may say. But if you've played the game... You know it ain't 'bout the destruction. It's the HOLYHELLFRONTFLIPPINGVODNIK-factor.

... To mention one of such moments.
Anyway, it's been a solid year since it's been released and the war still rages. Y'know what, screw the imma-get-you-dragged-in style. I've been playing this game to death for about a week or two now after a good six month break. Good ol' Gregg picked up the game too, eventually snagged Vietnam as well. Then two more joined the fray. And before ya' knew it... Four person team rage.
All in all, to sum up some of the batshit crazy stuff that's happened in the past weeks...
- Teamkilled a person by ramming a Jeep into him while I was in a tank, staring at the pretty lampposts.
- 4 man ATV high speed pursuit/rage with some enemies in a Cobra 4WD stalking us.
- Rammed 3 guys through two concrete walls with a tank, causing their ragdolls to be stuck in the fuckin' thing.
- Crashed an ATV into a rock, causing it to explode and the wreck to propel off into the distance...
- ... Plowing someone down, cause of death; <DEATH>.
- Some crazy pilot jumped in my UH60 while I was on the turret, taking off sideways, flipping it over and somehow crushing a guy while the fucking thing was upside down.
- Piled up 15+ AT mines with 3 buddies next to a MCOM station and flung a grenade in when some poor S.O.B. went to arm it.
- ... Lulz ensued.
- Been in a match with a recon who'd use a 870MCS everytime and shout "TRICK OR TREAT, MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" everytime he shot some poor schmuck out of the doorway.
... Wish you were here, dudes.


In a match of World in Conflict, just how hellishly evil can the AI be?  Well this all happened within two minutes. I as a usual support camp-in-the-back type and 15 AIs all cranked up to max difficulty and set their behavior to aggressive whereas the Support AIs were set to Balanced or they'd spill 15 anti-air units on the battlefield as cannon fodder. Anti-air rage doesn't build the AI any points to spend on Cutters, Carpets and Nukes!

 2:59/2:38 - AI #1 called in a Daisy Cutter, AI #2 called in a Tank Buster, AI #3 called in a Daisy Cutter, AI #4 called in a Tank Buster, AI #5 called in a Heavy Artillery I called in... a fuckin' Napalm Strike. -.-

 TWO CARPETBOMBINGS AT THE SAME TIME D: A handful of tank busters and artillery strikes are hidden behind th--OOOH PRETTY COLORS
 A Bridge Too Far, eat your fuckin' heart out.

Still quite impressive.

For what they're worth, they're all graphically dated or somewhat unimpressive by todays standards. In some ways, you can still spark some beauty in what most consider to be old, plain or ugly - And with that, here's a handful of games with some pretty damn nice looking screenshots. 
All the screenies were snagged at moments of boredom, and ofcourse you can click 'em for a larger image.

World of Warcraft

While the game's been out for a good seven years now, the graphics quality remained on the same standard until the approach of it's second expansion pack "The Wrath of the Lich King". Most of the new content was amazing in atmosphere, as well as rather stunning up close. While it never set a new high, it sure as hell was a unique and equally impressive with art. With Cataclysm having been released recently in Dec '10, the game recieved it's first major graphics overhaul not long before - Higher quality textures, liquid detail, animations and more, a change that made the game look all that more impressive.
Twin Drakes
The Keep
Death Knights Den
 Crystalsong Forest 'The Unbound Thicket'
 Howling Fjord 'Utgarde Keep'
 Eastern Plaguelands 'Acherus, the Ebon Hold'
 Deepholm 'Deathwing's Fall'

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Graphically speaking Oblivion was a small disappointment in some areas while at the same time amazing and breathtaking in others. Characters were flat and most textures were rather streched and low quality, but all was forgiven the moment you stared off into the distance or peeked at the skies across a lake. The game was released for Xbox and PC in 2006, with the PC being the obvious winner graphically - The Xbox version still had moments where you dropped everything to just witness the Imperial City skyline from Bruma. Makes you wonder, they had access to this hardware in 2006... Just think about what Bethesda might have in stock for Skyrim, the first looks at the game already blew some minds.
BridgedAcross the Lake
Red Dawn
Finding Imperial
 Skingrad Castle 'The Keep Walkway'
 Imperial City Waterfront 'Lake Rumare'
 Anvil 'Town Square'
West Weald 'Imperial Distance'

Grand Theft Auto IV

Considered to be the best in the open world business graphically. And of man they aren't wrong, nowhere close. Dating back to 2007, Rockstar already had the graphics set in stone dispite the '08 release - It was good looking and remained just as breath-taking as those first 30 seconds of Niko's teaser trailer that goes as far back as 2006. Nitpicking is all you can do about the game, bland shadows, vague textures, strange smudge-effect across draw distance, the likes. The problems are vastly outnumbered by the good, diversity, draw distance, character quality, lighting, particle effects, you name it. A feat from '07 that will remain to be a feat for years to come. The RAGE engine proved itself to be worth the anticipation.
Welcome to Liberty City
Dusk 'til Dawn
A Look Back
North to Jersey
 Broker 'Broker Beach'
 Algonquin 'Frankfort Ave.'
 Bohan 'Dukes Pkwy Overlook'
 Algonquin 'Northwood'

And I could go on all day... But whats the point of this anyway? I don't know, perhaps I just love to seek out the special moments in a game. Perhaps I just love to share it. I don't effin' know... Maybe I'm just easily impressed or maybe I refuse to let the past go. Either way... They sure as hell look fine, even for their age. Nonetheless, gotta thank XFire for lettin' me snag and store.

A mind-fuck of a question.

Thinking alot 'bout this one recently...
How can you demotivate players from using a sniper rifle/sniper class in shooters, without trying to break the rifle/class?
Think of a shooter game here, or think Call of Duty/Battlefield if you must. And try to imagine a way of preventing players from using the recon class, or sniper rifles in general. Many games have a class or a playstyle where sniper rifles come in insanely handy.
Modern Warfare 2 had three distinctive problems that only worked as a magnet in this case; aim-assist that 'searches' for the target upon scoping, later coined 'quickscoping'. 

Simple tactic of pulling the rifle up and firing the shot before the scope comes up using the Steady Aim Pro perk, nearly always a kill ensued. Then there were thermal scopes, which lit other players up like Christmas trees. While they were also available for assault rifles, even some SMGs - Only sniper rifles benefitted, mostly one hit kills and assault rifles kick like all hell. Third, most snipers were one-shot, one-kill rifles. A chest shot guaranteed a kill, if all conditions are good.
So the quickscoping made them one-hit-kill beasts up close, defeating the rifles' supposed inability to preform at close range.
 Thermal Scope
Thermal scopes eliminated searching for targets, or trying to even hide from a sniper in the case of the player trying to get away. And half of the rifles were capable of taking out players with one shot. Gotta ask yourself the question, why skip on it?
With that example I mean to show why the class is so damn attractive in the game, which makes complete sense given most objectives include killing the other players.
A counter example would be Battlefield Bad Company 2. Doesn't really suffer the same issues as MW2's, leading targets and taking range in effect made sniping a lil' bit more difficult. Sure there's still a good chance of being gunned down in one shot, but they only had clean shots and a spotter scope to assist. In a sense, a challenging but rewarding class. However, BFBC2 is a team-based game.
And here's the issue with that, sniping obviously has you hidden from the enemy. Stationary mostly. The point of most objectives is to raid the enemy/defend the friendly
objective. Alot of moving on, alot of base watch. Stuff like that. Alot of issues came with that, snipers usually sit in the same spot for long times and not trying to advance with the team(objective wise), other times it would be impossible to counter a team of defending snipers due to the fact that infantry vs. sniper usually has infantry lying dead in a ditch. Whereas vehicles(the logical solution) were quickly taken out by their mortar strikes, as one mortar strike direct-on kills off a vehicle.
A examples of games that try to mend this idea, like Call of Duty Black Ops. There's still sniper rifles, potent ones even. The entire ideal behind them? Shot down in flames. Treyarch admittedly 'broke' quickscoping, not alot of people were happy with that decision. Most of the new snipers have a designated marksman rifle feel to 'em,
 IR Scope
think a single-shot assault rifle with a 12x zoom scope, rather than a high caliber machine of bolt action death.
The new thermal variant, the Infrared Scope still lights targets up from the background but is difficult to use. It does not record alot of distance and alot of the background will turn dark blue making effective targeting difficult with it. All in all, they somewhat killed the rifle's potential due to 'overuse' in previous games.
This makes me wonder... As a developer, is it even possible to get it right? The balance lies with mobility, reward and the one shot, one kill mentality. And every time they try either one or all of those, somehow it ends up being hideously overpowered or underwhelmingly weak. Is it at all possible to get the balance so that players are urged to stay mobile without losing the power of their rifle? Ramble up their weaknesses some more? Or simply don't give them the right tools for the job, e.g. large caliber sniper rifles? Or take out the one shot, one kill idea and light them up on the minimap like a red atom bomb?
Killing the class off is never a option, but it sure seems logical.

Emblem Ops Rage - Random Board Quotes of the Day.

Black Ops' edition.


Subject: Reporting Nazi symbols, dicks, horse-riding-man-like-the-almighty-rodded-steed in player created emblems.

"not me i think it is hot" - Dustinht
"Not me Son no Snitching from me rather game or in the real I keeps it 100% gangsta Son." - SAMKAVELI
"Nobody likes a rat." - Crashdash
"It's interspiecies erotica, ****-o." - Durotar1982
"Pickle. Penises." - PitchBlackFox 
"^^ pickle dicks bro" - Derpfaceherpin
"I find it odd players even go through the effort of making their clan emblem like that of a party that's been omgwtfroflpwnd by half the world over five years time. It's like supporting the Titanic because it sinks so well." - x X D 3 L T 4 X x
"U all mad." - LaTyrone87
To conclude this...

You can't argue with their logic, eh?