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Also I like how the editor completely screwed me and made every paragraph a seperate line. Well done Parchment.
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Or just a jaded man in general.

Yeah... Just jaded in general, but bitching at video games is so much easier than to say bitch at the stock market or at the economy cause then my bitching is just another baa in the herd of sheep. That and I know more of the euro than I do of the dollar, so I'm probably better off not even trying.

But y'know, playing Dark Souls...
It made me realise, I like getting humiliated.
It did so in many ways, variety was plenty.
The pain and the torture, enjoying being mutilated.
Then I play Skyrim, what the hell is this?
I swing my blade, I throw my fireballs.
But to no avail... Hell, I don't even miss.
Undeads don't give a damn, keeps marchin' down the halls.

Fuck RPGs, lets truck onto Forza Motorsport.
Driving around in my GMC, not giving a shit.
What the hell is this? M. Rossi once again?
Oh what the hell? He just crashed a bit.

Things never stay the same, they only just change.
Rossi now a noob, hitting every barrier.
I didn't see it coming, I was too close in range.
Fuck me I wish... I wish I was in a Harrier.

There we are, Modern Warfare 3.
Killstreaks everywhere, I got a shotgun.
I regret my choice, please cover me.
My face is missing, fuck me what fun.

I cannot rhyme, I cannot sing.
This is why I'm jaded as sin.

(PS if you honestly read that expecting a proper ballad filled with genius rhymes, you came to the wrong party.)

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And by God cue the spoiler tags... I've come to realise I'm shit at stealth. Not because I can't do it, or because it's incovenient or I can't think outside the box. It's simply because of the fact that the game basically gives you the you-could-do-it-buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut routine. You cooooooooooooooooooouuulllllllllllllllld empty out that shitIP I mean VIP club the Hive by strategically entering the backrooms through the sewers and hacking the doorcodes. You coooooooooouuuuuuuuuuulllllllllldddddd sneak your way up the fourth floor of the Detroit PD HQ and snag the documents quietly. You coooou-AH FUCK IT.

What did I do? Lets see photographic evidence.

Hive no more :3

The problem is that I'm given... A shotgun, a SMG, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and just two stun weapons. Then there's the whole "But you're supposed to take the long route to get more stuff!". No you clean the damn house, loot, scower and THEN get the very same goodies you'd normally get throughout stealthing. It's also more effective, nets you the same rewards and the game basically throws you eighteen times more shotgun ammo per box of stun gun darts.

That and the fact that Adam Jensen is the least charismatic person in the goddamn world. Spyboy as Flygirl so eloquently calls him is about as charismatic as a tapedeck in a old musty car. I mean he's got a nice voice actor and nicely scripted lines but he has a severe case of Steven Seagal emotions. For instance when he's fighting with David Sarif about how his pre-Sarif Industries past was mostly a big fuckapalooza, he's Steven Seagal angry. When he's talking to a friend who is paranoid as balls, he's Steven Seagal skeptical. When he's flatout being flirted at by Flygirl, he's Steven Seagal aroused. When he's being told by a gang banger that his friend got murdered, he's Steven Seagal sad with his baww-worthy line "Yeah rip.".

So moving on from Adam Jensen having the same emotion scale as a dead person(lolstory), I won't even go on about the boss fights which by now have been beaten so hard and thoroughly that by now it's picking on a wounde--brutally murdered stag. Instead I'mma give the game shit for the ending. Plot twists aside, afterall they've turned the first one-third of the game useless. The ending is so godforsaken lazy and stupid that it made me feel like I was being trolled by the very fake media bitch that was trolling me about her damn being a hologram.

It came down to four extremely black-on-white choices. And all of 'em gave you stock footage nicked from the backrooms at ITV and CBS with some flyovers by some dude who loves the ocean. Oh don't forget the ending where you can trust humanity to not give the slightest bit of a fuck by killing yourself and everyone who was involved in the most dastardly plan designed to ruin augmentations.

Problem is that none of the endings made me feel like I should... care. I took the ending which had everyone die cause I didn't realise the walk-away-from-choice-buttons is certain death. I was clearly told but my lack of giving a damn had me drifting off to the suicide button.

Also is it just me or is the villain of this game of Bond quality? Overly complicated plan to ruin his creation that can be changed back by a mere lie to the media FOX News style. Oh what the hell... I guess the story had to make that 'care for humanity' turn at one point, Human Revolution is the game's name afterall.

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Bruce Willis' futuristic twin. With hair and razor sharp goatee.
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It's easier to say ring than three sections of a four-segmented halo of lights...

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Allow me.

No, it's not as bad as. It's the downright worst case scenario. Everything that can go wrong, either has gone wrong or is at risk of going wrong. Many people are drawing comparisons, most of 'em seem to resort to comparing the Xbox red rings of death to this. Yeah, company wise they suffered and while the consumer did too they were assisted, like free repairs and whatnot. A rather annoying inconvenience.

What we're talking about here is the confirmed and guaranteed leak of your data; Name, address, date of birth, e-mail, password, acount recovery questions, the likes. Then there's the possibility of creditcard details having been compromised as well. It's a double whammy, the first bit basically is an identity thief's wet dream. Second, your actual income's somewhat on the line too now if the creditcard details have been nicked as well.

Ontop of that, there's no online capabilities at the moment. Effectively grinding the entire ordeal to a halt. Combine that with people desperately wanting to delete their creditcard information, addresses, change emails and passwords and whatnot and you got yourself a shit-hit-the-fan-scenario so fucked up, it's roasting Sony, the players, everyone.

Red rings... Christ.

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Sony... Why do you like having me sit and stare blindly at forced software updates that take so long they can't be meassured by time, but by rock erosion?

I thought we was bros, man.

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"However, I did get an Xbox, so I might be on live sometime in the near future."
Get outta here :o

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So this is what Prince and Michael Jackson's son looks like after a ton of puddin'.

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Why dont you shut the fuck up?