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haha so awesome

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Looks really good graphically.

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I still haven't seen it :(

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Interesting. Well if people are copy pasta just for the sole purpose of gaining points then that's a shame.

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Great post

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MIA - Paper Planes

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Mourne said:
"Brainkiller said:
"lol yea, that explains eveyrthing."
I really am sorry that you can't properly evaluate sources and realize that is not a proper source of information for anything logical.

Just watch this video. Please, do us all a favor."
Almost 10 minutes in and all they're doing so far is laughing at people and calling them whack jobs and ass holes, that's not disproving anything.

Wow the further into this the more the facepalms hurt, I actually find it hard to believe you posted that link legitimately to change my views and prove me wrong.
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Otacon said:
"These conspiracy theories are all rubbish. That 'explosive shockwave' is a pressure release from a lower floor."
Hey thanks for your insight, you just proved the whole conspiracy theory wrong.

Oh wait, no you didn't.
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lol yea, that explains everything.

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What annoys me the most is people say "conspiracy theories are retarded"

That's the most ignorant thing ever, the people who say that don't even watch the videos or read the stories they just call you a whacky conspiracy theorist. Some humans are stupid, does that mean all humans are stupid? ofcourse not, that'd be a ridiculous claim... just like claiming all conspiracy theories are retarded without even reading them.

Clearly a lot more happened on 9/11 than what the government is telling...