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There are a bunch of games with deprecated achievements preventing people from getting S-ranks. Civilization V is packed full of them. I believe one achievement from Torchlight never worked right so eventually they just removed it from the game, though it remains listed on GiantBomb. Some way to flag these for removal would be great.

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If you haven't picked this up yet because of the price D2D is selling Fallout: New Vegas $20 off. Then at checkout use the LOAD15 coupon code to get another %15. Came to $31.75 with tax for me.
Since this is a Steamworks game once D2D gives you your product code, just punch that into Steam and it will start downloading. I didn't have to download anything from D2D.

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Saying that all the civs play the same when you choose to play them all the same seems like a silly complaint. Even if you don't like fighting, the way Persia handles happiness or India handles population growth should shake things up a bit.

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Playing with other people brings up the multiplayer issues however. I would have much preferred an actual turn-based game rather than whatever this system is now.
And I also can't get around the issue that every game plays out pretty much the same, regardless of what country you pick. I think there's some balance issues at work here. Don't build mines they're worthless. Ally with maritime city-states and outproduce everyone else.

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Yeah it was amazing at first. More Civilization to waste countless hours on. But after awhile all the little nagging doubts start adding up. It's still a great game and I enjoy it thoroughly but it is not the perfect experience.
The AI in this game is terrible to be honest. It can't handle the new one unit per tile rules. Basic stuff like putting warriors in front of archers would go a long way to making the game more interesting. As it is you can hold off entire armies with a couple archers or cannons of your own holding down chokepoints. And forget naval combat altogether, the AI simply isn't interested in it and will not give you a fight. If you want to put your fleet to use you'll have to park it outside a barbarian camp.
The AIs empire management is lacking as well. Early game you are going to get outproduced and enemy civs will grab up as much land as they can get a hold of. Too bad this game puniishes you for unchecked expansion, and if you survive to the renaissance any danger melts away as the AI will have nothing but a pile of tiny, unhappy cities.
Just as well that the game tends to end around this time as late game balance is completely out of whack. You're discouraged from experimenting with late game units as it generally takes less time to research the next best thing. And at that point it's quicker to build the space shuttle than assemble an army.

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I tried connecting my current profile to my GFWL gamertag "Karhunkynsi" but it's already claimed by this empty Giant Bomb account Karhunkynsi. I probably created it myself at one point but it's not connected to any email address that I have access to, so I can't log in to it. If someone could kill the account or at least remove the GFWL connection that would be great! I don't know how to link to the GFWL gamertag but I changed the motto to prove my identity.

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I'd be working on Civ V achievements if half of them weren't broken.

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As a PC gamer I never once paid any attention to the first Dead Rising game when it came out. I didn't have an Xbox so it didn't really concern me, I had heard some odd things about it though. It was a sandbox game, sort of, where you weren't really allowed to play around. There was a New Game+ system that seemed to sharply divide the players. The save system was brutal and the gameplay was ridiculous.
Dead Rising 2 is pretty much more of the same, but now it's not an Xbox exclusive so I took an interest. The design decisions are not what I would ask for as a PC gamer. Save Slots is a pretty foreign concept to me but here they are, and only three of them at that. Controls seem pretty sluggish at first but that's another one of those things that gets better as the game goes on. I guess it's supposed to be frustrating to begin with, as if daring you to play it. Speaking of controls, I guess the console versions have this same issue but you can't customize them at all. If you don't use the WASD combo to get around I guess you're out of luck. Sometimes the game confuses a double click for a click and hold which is the difference between a regular or a heavy attack, but that's the only real issue I've noticed with responsiveness. If you prefer, you can plug in an Xbox controller but it was annoying having to go into the options menu and enable/disable it after Just Cause 2 did such an amazing job supporting both inputs. As far as performance everything looks great and load times are minimal. I'm not sure how well it scales since PC options are just resolution and texture detail, but my 5 year old machine can still run it.
The PC port runs great but that doesn't necessarily cover up some of the design flaws. So I guess whether or not that's good enough is up to the player.

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