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This thing got me thinking. What would be the best way to download Bombcasts en masse?

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This is perfect background listening while playing Hearthstone or grinding Diablo. I tried listening to new podcasts while doing that, but I ran out of stuff I actually like pretty fast.

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And in a year from now they'll release the big cities mode?

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Did they make her face clean? I only play games with clean faces.

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I would probably have waited for 4 if it came out a little earlier than this. Now I'll just get 3 sometime during the spring.

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Dumb Endurance Run jokes live on! You guys make me real proud.

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I was gonna say we should vote for Brono as the character name for Chrono Trigger, but it seems you guys are already on it. Too bad they don't have a naming contests for Epoch. I would love to get that named 2poch.

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Already looking forward to Mega Man block and Yoshi's Island. Yoshi is a super fun run every time I've seen it.

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Oh man, this totally snuck up on me. I almost wish I didn't have a job, so I could catch most of this live, but I guess I'll settle for watching the archives on the weekends. SGDQ was awesome last year.

Also, holy shit that's a lot of games!

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I'm hoping for some hot stuff-that-was-already-on-sale-being-on-sale-again action. I didn't have any money till the 31st, so I missed out on some of the sweet action. Mainly Saints 4 and AssCreed 4.