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Good job. Now go be on the Tested Dadcast.

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Koji Igarashi is a pretty cool dude, you guys.

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I'm actually super hopeful after that GBEast network test where they played FarCry4. It seems like they basically have the technology to do Quick Looks or whatever across coasts without losing all of the magic of being in the same space.

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Is Konami just a series of health clubs at this point?

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That FMV stuff looks pretty cheesy in spots, but I'm actually kind of into it. It just makes me wonder how many of those could they realistically have? And how the transitions into the band disapproving of you actually works. It seems seamless here, but of course it would.

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I always loved the universe of HR. Give me more of that cyberpunk goodness!

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@goreyfantod said:
@wonderva said:

I wonder which person/boss do Vinny and Jeff both report to?

L.L. Cool J, I'd imagine.

David Letterman.

Les Moonves.

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I went with a Godlike Death Wizard. It just sounded too cool. I'm rolling with the elf mage and the fighter you find in the first city. I had some difficulty in the first dungeon (the one with the priests), but I eventually settled on my awesome tactic of put the fighter in the doorway and have the two mages blast everything in front of him to hell and back. It worked pretty well.

I also love how the recruiting works in this game. After the first dungeon, I went in an made me a barbarian just to have more meat between the monsters and the casters.

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If they are Steam keys you could use this.

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I don't give a flip about steam machines, but the Steam Link and the controller look super interesting. PC games on the couch and not having to have the PC in the same space as a TV sounds very cool.