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I've got so much to play already! Kinda not in the mood to buy more. However. I might still go for Shovel Knight, Far Cry 4, Divinity: Original Sin and some other stuff. If the price is right.

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I turned my inventory crap into gems and my gems into steam cash. Zero interest getting involved with Steam's newest social/economy experiment.

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Is Twitch busted for anyone else? I wanna get in on the action!

Edit: Nevermind. It unbusted itself.

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It looks gorgeous and will no doubt be a solid game, but my interest in it depends entirely on the cast. Part of me wishes they would bring over whoever they can bring over from Ultra 4 and the other part of me wishes they would go nuts and swap out most of the cast. In a perfect world though, they'd have a gazillion zenny and would be able to bring over every Street Fighter character (maybe a few Darkstalkers? wink wink nudge-fucking-nudge) ever because that would be insane.

I would honestly love if they pulled a 3rd Strike move on this. Just have a couple of the main-stays like Ryu and Chun and then just go totally nuts on the rest of the crew. All new dudes. It would actually be kinda fitting since 4 at this point has like everybody.

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You can now play with the GVG cards in Arena. I got Toshley and some other not-super-exciting ones for my first run.

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My favorite time of the year!

My list is a work in progress. Still need to play some indie stuff I missed this year.

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I voted for Persona Q and Hearthstone and then this thread made me vote for Hatsune Miku, Singstar and Mario Party.

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If I could vote Jeff Gerstmann for "Esports player of the Year" I would.

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@bisonhero: I'm really glad I'm not the only weirdo who remembers stuff like this.

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Cautious optimism turning into unmitigated excitement!

I'm a little disappointed that this is coming out on Thursday in EU, though. Steam has spoiled me rotten recently with Tuesday releases.