New Years Resolution

In this Blog: i reveal what porn website i made a video of m touching myself on, and how to find it

So the New Year has arrived, to cheers or to awww's.
For me a mixture. It was a year of enjoying school as i am now the top year of the school so no dreading going into the year 10/11 toilets and getting a wierdo from year eleven peeing on his friends shoe for a joke which was conviently in the cubicle you were about to go in. Bad times, its also the fact teachers give up giving out detentions (despite the fact i have never got one :D). As most teachers have realised that detentions no longer work, and so you can now get away with a lot more without punishments, good times.

It was also a good year as i finally got a sexbox, and so my regretable buy wii was forced to retire and collect dust and be lent out to friends. The sexbox has definatly brought more fun than probably my wii in its first month of me owning it and my ps2 ever did. Being an achievment whore is amazing and so is xbl
i cba to carry on this blog, night keeley.

Christmas List 08

Behold my christmas list given to my parents yesterday to post. They said to me though that some credit cruncher?? had got to the North Pole and that a lot of the Elves have got ill so i can not expect that many presents from Santa this year, so i had to cross of loads of my presents and it was reduced to just this.
1)08 Blue Peter Annual
2)Keeley Hazel 09 Calender
3)Chintendo Vii (if lucky)
4)A one year subscription to "Nuts"
5)The right to stay up to 9


Whats better... WoW, Adriana Lima, halo 3 or habbo?

In This Blog: I talk about Adriana Lima some more jk. I talk about halo 3 etc.

Silly question i know, the answer is Adriana Lima, but if u take her out of the equation then it poses a good question, what is better. The addictive but very boring at times WoW, The over hyped yet very fun Halo 3 with a poor community or the lolabeta habbo.
Ill take about the joke of habbo first. I admit to it, and no doubt i will now be outcasted from the gb society but for the past few days i have been logging on to habbo.As i have found earning loads of hc's is quite fun, specially when you are in a casino and you lose yet you kick them and keep it - good times.
I've also been playing wow alot. But this is mostly been at the weekend in which i went to a wow lan party and it was quite a lol. I got level 73 which is awsome, but on sunday afternoon i really could not be bothered to play wow much for a little while, so you could say im taking yet another break from it.
But i suppose at the moment i am finding halo 3 the best, im loving forge as i am currently into making buildings on it and making awsome fortresses on it. I'm really enjoying online on it at the moment and surprizingly i am enjoying skirmish aka flags etc which i usually hate. But being a good player which i believe i am, i often score so i now really enjoy it :P And i've decided i might buy xbl on a new account as Dr Y0da sounds epically gay and i wonder what the fuck went through my head as i called it that. Though hearing squeaky americains saying "Dr Yoda?" on live is priceless. - Good times
Speaking of people on xbox live and Americains, i have come to the conclusion that you can divide male xbox live users in to two groups. These groups are:
Squeak Trash Talking Little Kids - Im sure you know the type i mean
Epically low voice anti George Bush miserable sod - They are quite funny to sing into the mic to, drives them crazy
Ofcourse there is the occasion but these are the miniority.
Love Bram.

Very Wise.

In This Blog: I discuss a very good quote and a wise man

While browsing the internet as i often do, i found this amazing quote:
“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”
This was said by one of/the greatest boxer in history - HMuhammed Ali.
I just found it an amazing quote is a few ways:
1) Its completly true, If Muhammed Ali had not put the effort in earlier in the gym he would of never won fights like he did
2) The quote can match up with anything in life, e.g exams, so revising just before an exams is not gunna help you yet if you learnt it ages ago doing it in Class and in homework then you will learn it.
This blog post is not a usual Bram blog post but i felt this quite did deserve a mention. I am also looking through other quotes said by the man and what a lot of people would say is that he is being very arrogant, i see a very confident man with some very wise views e.g i said i was a champion even before i knew i was.
I personally recommend you google muhammed ali quotes and read some. Maybe post your opinions on the quotes he said.

A little break

In This Blog: I give a reason for why i have not been posting blogs recently

 Well guys, if any of you actually read my bogs or subscribed ;-) you would of pobably noticed no blog over the last few days. This is for the simple reason, i've been despratly trying to get level 70 so i can take part in the Halloween events before they go so i can get the achievments. I also want to go into the expansion with some better gear ^^
And i can now proudly say that after 28 hours of WoW in the last few days (Friday - Monday) i have got 70 :D
And to be honest. It was totally worth it
So i will come back tommorrow or rather later today (its half one in the morning) with a proper blog later but i just thought i would share with you lot why i have not been posting a blog recently.

What A Waste of £££

In This Blog: I talk about how i wasted my money. How i got depressed of WoW and other random things

Today has had its lows, and its epic lows. Considering it is half-term now usually i would of laid in after my previous nights mass WoW session which took me into the early hours of the morning. But this day was diffrent. I was woken up early... WAY to early for my personal liking. To make matters worse it was my Dad (in a foul mood for some wierd reason) demanding i do these shitty chores asap. So reluctantly i got changed into my work clothes and went outside to do them. Finally, i got back home one and a half hours later. Had a shower, logged onto wow then had my Mummy come into the room and have a talk to me about how i've gotta stop having friends around the house all the time and giving out cans of drink to them everyday. So after the discussion got abit heated she whopped out an arguement about how i have got an "unhealthy" addiction to that "war" game as she described it. Bless.
So once my Mum had left the room i put back my full concentration into WoW and got bored. It was a mixture of still having to get 1,800,000xp total before i reach 70 (67 at the moment) and the fact i am in what i believe to be the most depressing and boring region in WoW; Blade Edge Moutains >.> I sigh even thinking about the region. So i decided to take a break and go on my 360, so i booted her up. Was about to choose which online type i wanna play and then noticed i needed a flipping DLC to play majority of the game times. So i went onto xbl marketplace and saw this map pack and decided for 8 quid i would download it. So while i waited i messed about on my alt on WoW (I could not be bothered to go on Ashryn (my gnome mage) and face that crappy area. After a good hour the map pack was done. Good i thought. So i loaded up online (note i aint played Halo 3 for AGES!) Went online and got thrashed. Which is unusal for me as i usually do quite well. So i took 3 games of getting pwned and occasionally killing someone and ofcourse taking advantage of this and t-baggin the body epically. So after these games i thought sod it, not even the trash talking and spamming veto into the mic made me cheer up. So ofcourse i felt, what a waste of money. I just spent 8 quid to be trashed on some maps i've never played before and to lose my patience with the game. Finally i came to terms with the fact i am going to have to face Blade Edge mountains soon.. But i had a plan. I just leggef it from the area so now i am question in Netherstorm :D
Just some little Notices. One is my Wheres Gerstmann challenge went down well and someone has now kindly posted where the very squashed Gerstmann face is on the thread in the off-topic forum. So if you cant be bothered to look any more check there. But im sure most of you have found him now. My second notice is that i am currently writing a WoW - Gold making guide so if you play WoW you may want to keep an eye on it as it may have some handy tips.
My Bram Guide logo Giggidy

Great idea i know.
Well now i leave you to put my focus on the X Factor.

Only a week

Some Halloween stuff and a challenge to the reader.

With it being only a week to go till Halloween i thought i would join on the Halloween spirit and change my usual blog banner to a mode seasonal one. I suppose the fact it is only Halloween in a week to some of your is a day you look foeward to and to some a day like any other day (except for the fact retarded kids are running about with platic witch faces and bed covers over their head asking for sweets). But anyway im sure most of you have got an idea what you will be up to on this "spooky" night. Be it joining the retarded kids trick or treating, Or doing what i usually do and just play on 360(ps3, wii) etc.
But this year it could be diffrent. Instead of sitting inside on Halloween i might actually go trick or treating for only the SECOND time in my life >.>   .  I suppose is kinda lame that ive only been once in my life in which for the amount of time i put into walking about the flipping village and money i spent on my mask (which was shit) i kinda felt like it was not worth it. But if i do go this time, then it will be me and a friend getting a lift into a more "residential area" in which i should hopefully get some nice loot.
But this is yet to be confirmed and no doubt it will get called off, in  result will mean i just play WoW all halloween...
While in lessons today i was thinking(something i do rarely) what i could do for todays blog to make it interesting so if people read it they will read my next blog and the blog after that. So i decided i would today use my new picture editing programme (paint.NET) and do a mock up of "Where's Wolly" but for you Americains, i believe you have "Where's Waldo"... So as this is for my blog i decided i would use the one and only Jeff Gerstmanns(not sure how you spell the man himself's name :P) face and place it on some wierdo in a big picture from where's Wolly, and make you, the lovely reader try and find it.
Can you see the him?

Finally, some proper game talk

In this blog: I finally properly talk about game related stuff, and some horror film talk

In one of my previous blogs i started boring you with ideas for my Christmas list 08 but for some wierd reason, i had to go on to see what games will be on the market for Christmas this year. Which was quite strange for me as for the past two years i have been quite on the ball about video games but since WoW i've slightly dis-joined myself from the video game world. Evidence of this is the fact a year ago i would go on gamespot every day and buy gaming magazines every month but thats all stopped now.

Today, with help from Supermooseman ive downloaded paint.NET which explains the banner above my blog which personally im quite proud of. And ive already got a halloween one ready to use tomorrow and for the rest of the week towards Halloween.
In Maths today, i took advantage of the teacher leaving the room (hes a ATTENTION ALL THE TIME kinda guy). So while he left the room and the person next to me had a discussion on horror films and how the zombie outbreak films are our favourite horror genre's at the moment. But then we realised that there had been no vampire outbreak films that are REALLY good if you know what i mean
... and then the teacher came back into the room >.>

But while typing this i thought, why dont the gangsters that did 28 days later do. "28 Nights Later".
I think it would work :P
A Smexi vampire
So now i leave you to go watch Last Man Standing and lol at the losers getting absolutly owned by the natives.
Comment if you read XD

Did You Know...

In this blog: I make a lame attempt to get people to read my blogs

That my blogs are both good and humourous and i recommend reading them ;p

I just thought i would try and get some people reading my blogs as i have a good feeling that they aint been read yet.
So if you do have time to waste i would recommend reading them and if you liked it, or not just leave a comment.
I will do a blog later tonight but with some coursework due in tomorrow and my Parents nagging me to do some jobs i dont have the time right now.
I little fact for the finsh of my crappy advertisment :D
Did you know: Of married couples, 70% of men and 60% of women have cheated in some way on their spouse.

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