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5 is too many. Plus, you have to have novelty. Sure, it's fun having Rorie or Jason on now, but if they were on every week, it'd quickly be less and less interesting. Save them for every few weeks.

People said the same thing about Drew he started becoming a regular on the podcast and now hes one of the most beloved. Honestly, i find Jason far more interesting then some other members so he has my vote.

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Awesome, i will go with the i5. I got a 128gb SSD drive along with a 2TB drive for storage because people keep telling me that the SSD drive is great for booting up windows and key programs.

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So my PC's cpu is fried and since i was rocking a 660 i figure its time to all out. Well, not all out but its time to splurge some.

I have everything picked out except the CPU and this is where my budget comes in play. I can either go with a i5 4670 and a GTX 980 or a i7 4770k and a GTX 970. I know it's easier to replace a video card but is a i7 really that necessary? if i go with a i5 am i good for a couple years? Or should i just get a 970 and i7 and maybe get a 980 or whatever new line comes out next year?

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I'm glad she is going to continue doing her thing as well as female game devs.

What i am sick of is being called a misogynist because i am a male "gamer" who stands behind the core belief of gamergate and accountability and ethics. Just because some trolls and sociopaths use that hasthtag to make threats doesn't make me a woman hating psychopath just like me being muslim doesn't automatically make me some extremist and frankly i am just as tired as them.

I completely agree that it's unacceptable that these women AND men are being targeted and threatened but i can't support #stopgamergate because i know a lot of people in gamergate including myself who aren't like those sociopaths and all we want is more transparency and honestly from the sites i visit.

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and apparently this gamergate shitshow "isnt" about harassment

It isn't, you can't blame the entire cause or entire group because of 3 piece of shit individuals. If you do then you must group GiantBomb in it because there were people doing some vile shit here when this whole quinn thing started.

I think it's disgusting that these women are being ran out of their homes but don't try to say it's because of gamergate or that everyone involved is some woman hating piece of shit.

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I could see wanting to use GS people at GB and GB at GS but a merger makes no sense considering that both sites offer a wide variety of completely different content. Giant Bomb, to me at least, is more about personality and having fun with video games with a dash of very well written and thought filled articles from guys like Patrick. It's a site where an hour of a video game podcast can be about wrestling and Gamespot is the furthest thing from that.

Has Gamespot even had a podcast in the last year? Most of the content that is on Gamespot i can get at IGN, it really has not personality in it's content and aside from The Point it doesn't really offer anything new, refreshing or entertaining. The Lobby had it's moments and i am glad they are going to make the show more like unprofessional fridays because unscripted Danny is the best thing about Gamespot. A merger wouldn't bother me if they let GB be GB but considering the amount of views they get on their live videos they would be complete fools for changing any of it because from what i see and from what Jeff see's i think their stuff does better then IGN and Gamespot.

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As much i enjoyed the MP in MW1 and enjoyed the campaign in the 3 i don't have any interest in replaying those campaigns and the MP would be dead pretty dead because the hardcore fans would move to whatever new COD is out.

Wouldn't buy it myself but i have absolutely nothing against "definitive" editions or "remasters" or whatever because i prefer console gaming and if you sell a better version of a game i love i will buy it.

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I never played the story on PS3 because i knew a PS4/X1 and PC version would come 1-2 years down the road so yeah i am picking it up on PS4. The no-story thing was just an extra excuse to buy it since i buy GTA for the just madness of the open world.

I debated about getting it on PC but my work computer is also my gaming computer in my home office and i have never been a fan of desk gaming. I like to keep it lazy for gaming sessions that last 1+ hours.

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Jeff, you don't know me, i don't know you, but i hope you find comfort one day from your loss and come to peace with it. I know it's hard losing your dad (i lost mine in 05) but i won't pretend to know how you are feeling and i will just say i am deeply sorry for your loss, your families loss and as cliche as it sounds and is i will pray for you and your family.