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Kids who spend an entire class on their phone or laptop clearly ignoring everything around them.

Even in grad school it's everywhere.

If you don't want to be there, or your parents are paying for it, or whatever, still try to show a base level of respect for other human beings. At least pretend to listen. When it's clear you could care less, you seem like an asshole. Just don't show up.

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I think they looked at the 3DS post-launch line up and decided, better to wait for the software to come before taking it outside of Japan.

You have to imagine this was exactly the case.
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Probably Uncharted 3, because that's one of the few multiplayer experiences I've ever gotten hooked to, and of course if the last game is any indication the single player will be fantastic.   

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Dammit someone better register the username Mr.Caffeine soon.

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If I hear the word Kinect again I will use my own personal finger technology to pierce my eardrums.

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Kinect has never seemed more like a toy than it does right now. As a gamer that's bad thing, but if I was a kid (or had a kid) then it'd be pretty cool.

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I know they say I'm the controller, but I seem like a really shitty controller.

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Persona 4 takes the top spot, really appreciated the little social life gameplay changes between 3 and 4. Devil Survivor is a close second.

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" @GlenTennis said:

" Wait, Nolan North isn't voicing Catherene and Keith David isn't voicing Katherene? I'm fuckin OUT. "

It's actually Nolan North doing a Impression of Keith David doing an Impression of  Michelle Ruff.  "
I hope that means they're retooling all of Catherine's mocap using Nolan North. I'd love to see those behind the scenes. "
I don't think there is any mocap in the game. "
You might be right, but a man can dream! 
I prefer all my erotic jigglings to be based on the motion captured movements of Nolan North. This makes finding good porn very difficult however.