Top 10 Characters that look like Pedophiles

To become a pedophile requires a twisted and warped psyche, but to look like one, all you need is some bad genes and bad fashion. Spotting someone who looks like a pedophile is almost instinctual, triggering a subconscious molest-dar to go off in our heads whenever we see the right combination of clothes, mustaches, and creepy smiles on middle-aged men. The video game world is no different, so I present here my list of those video game characters who most physically resemble sexual predators. If there was a video game equivalent of To Catch a Predator, expect Chris Hanson to be not far behind any of these fellows.

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Posted by TehFlan

When I got to number ten I lost it.

Posted by S0ndor

Mr Mime used to creep me out when I was a kid. Poor Reggie though.