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Posted by RenegadeSaint

I feel your pain.  I had scholarships yanked away from me two years in a row because I was getting "too much financial aid."  Hard to believe you can get too much, despite not having enough to pay tuition.  Fast forward a few years into the future and I'm doing fine.  It sucked, but it encouraged me to work that much harder and I'm probably better for it.  Like you said, "eventually things will work out," so you don't need a pep talk from me.  Just keep on enjoying life and good luck with school!

Posted by DBoy

I'm sorry to hear about all of this trouble Brandy.  It sucks that they screwed you out on a technicality.  Wish there was a way for me to help you out if I could.  Just hang in there and talk to me on MSN if you need to.

Posted by DraconisPrime

I definitely feel your pain! I am in a similar long term situation now. I was able to acquire a private scholarship for the 1st 4 years. The rates are increasing to such a degree that I may not be able to continue onto my doctorate for quite some time. I know what you are going through to a degree though, I am thinking about what I am going to do as well.

Posted by JonnyAvacado

Sorry to hear about those issues Brandy...All will work out in the end..as cliched as that sounds...but its usually the case.  Don't worry about everyone feeling pity for you...believe me, I am the same way about that stuff.  Sometimes we all just need to vent...  take care!!

Posted by psychomode

... that is total bullshit.