Brandy's Bargain Bonanza - The Spoils... of WAR!

For all of you not familiar with me from GS, Brandy's Bargain Bonanza is a feature that I created a couple of years ago to highlight certain times when I go nuts buying a mass amount of electronics at once (videos games, DVD's and whatnot). While I used to shop for these items on a pretty regular basis, certain events have led to a considerable slowing in that respect (hence my not doing a blog such as this until now). However, this is Black Friday, a day which no self-respecting bargain hunter should pass up.

After leaving home at 4:45 AM, here is the rundown of my day:

Wal-Mart - Wait time: 63 minutes

When I finally did get to checkout, I purchased the following DVD's:

  • Borat Special Edition w/ T-shirt - $2.00
  • V for Vendetta - $2.00
  • The Whole Nine Yards - $2.00
  • TMNT - $2.00 (Gift for nephew, I think; Might decide to keep it for myself... Is it any good?)
  • Just Friends - $2.00 (Gift for sister)
  • Pay it Forward - $2.00 (Gift)

Total paid: $12.84

Total savings (over original prices): $50.25


Meijer - Wait time: 0 minutes

After seeing something to the extent of "All 9.99 video games half off," I thought that I would take a chance and find a couple of decent PS2 games to add to my collection. Little did I know that the ad failed to mention the fact that you had to buy a certain amount of games before the discount came into effect, and with options like Bratz: Forever Diamonds or Nickelodeon's Unfabulous making up the majority of my choices, there was no way I was buying enough to count...


Target - Wait time: 20 minutes

Target... It's like home really. One sure-fire location where I just know I am going to find something good. After making my way through the toy, video game and electronics departments, I picked up Polar Express, the new Indiana Jones, the new Hulk, a Leapster game, and some pajamas to purchase with my mom's money (all gifts for various family members). As for myself, I picked up a few things (prices look strange because I have included my mom's 10% employee discount in the prices):

  • Atonement - $5.38 (I adore Keira Knightly and sweeping/epic romances, so this was a win/win)
  • Office Space Special Edition - $3.58

I should also note that I got two rainchecks (Made of Honor for $8.98, and Pirates 3: At World's End for $5.98), that I may or may not redeem sometime within the next 90 days (depending on how my wallet looks as we get closer and closer to Christmas):

Total paid : $9.59

Total savings (over original prices): $19.06


After getting home, I was a bit annoyed that I didn't find more during my trip, so I headed onto Amazon to see what sorts of deals I could find, and was very pleasantly surprised.

  • Nintendo Wii Remote Charge Station - $19.95 (not just four rechargable AA batteries but two actual battery packs like you have on cell and cordless phones; had hundreds of reviews with the general consensus being that it's a great unit)
  • Resident Evil 4 Wii - $9.95
  • Iron Man DVD - $8.99 (Gift for nephew - was $13 at Target, so I'm glad I waited)

Total paid: $38.89

Total savings: $35.89 (plus another $6.47 saved by getting free shipping)


Total spent on the day: $61.32

Total savings on the day: $105.20

So there you have it. Did any of you journey into the crowds this morning? If so, what did you get?

Posted by DBoy

Those are some pretty sweet bargains right there.  Hope you enjoyed all that good stuff.
Sadly, we don't have Black Friday here, so I just stayed in bed and slept on my day off.  :-p

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I'm afraid of Black Friday, my mom always wakes up at 4am and heads out, I stay away and gasp at the all the deals she gets. My wife doesn't shop on Black Friday either, so we get along great, but as my wife always tells me, never say never... I guess that means one day... I could be out there, scary. Your wait times were not that bad, so maybe there's hope.