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  • Had a nice Halloween - hope you all did too. My niece was a High School Musical cheerleader and my nephew was Raphael (the turtle, not the artist).
    Happy little trees...
  • Went hiking with my sister yesterday – see pictures for all the fall color goodness.
  • Received the High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance Game Bundle for the PS2 (what a mouthful) on Saturday. My first dance pad game...interesting experience to say the least, and I can only imagine how stupid I look "dancing" to songs that I've never heard before (I'm not a fan of the movies).
  • Codemasters sent me Bella Sara for the DS. Came with an exclusive trading card, which was a nice touch. The game’s graphics are a bit lacking, but the music is really nice. In fact, some of the songs I recognize from the Bella Sara website, and I’ve always been a fan of the site’s ethnic, mostly instrumental musical theme they’ve got going on. Other than that, the gameplay’s pretty repetitive, but then again, so is playing on the website, so the experience does translate well for young girls.
  • EA sent me their newest trio of “for dummies” games: Brain Training for Dummies (PC), Poker for Dummies (PC) and Travel Games for Dummies (DS). I don’t really need the drawn out instructions for any of the games, but offering them for new gamers is a nice idea.
  • For all you Pokémon fans that may not get the paper, thought I’d share that next weekend – November 8 and 9, Toys R Us will be giving away Dragonite in Diamond/Pearl, so you might want to check that out if you don’t already have said Pokémon. I know I’ll definitely be heading down there.
  • That is all.
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Whoever came up with the idea for Lovely Lisa should be punched in the face. TOMY deserves a special "fuck you" for providing you with that game.

Always nice to see Princess Debut love, of course. :)

Posted by DBoy

Bullets!  Love 'em.
Great reviews there, excellent job as always.
Fall is pretty... but damn I hate the cold.

Posted by KnightsofRound

The nature pictures remind me of why I love fall so much.  It's only edged out by winter though - winter scenery is absolutely gorgeous, I could stare at it for hours.

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Impressive list of reviews and new games.

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I love autumn trees. I remember how the quarries up in Indiana would be saturated with water, and the leaves would cover the surface.

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I think it's awesome that kids today are dressing up like my childhood idols, the Ninja Turtles. Proves how awesome they always were.
Anyway, good reviews. Even on that horrible Lovely Lisa game. I am glad to know that some lucky girls don't have to play that game thanks to your review.