Posted by Bruce

They sell some of those games at my local drug store. Very enticing.

Posted by KnightsofRound

Man that's crazy... 520 games.  Just of of curiosity, how many of them have you actually played, let alone finished?  I have something around 136 games and I still have barely played or have yet to even start playing quite a few of them.

Posted by Brandy

KoR - I'd have to say I've played somewhere around 80-90% of them - the only ones I may not have played being those that I don't yet have the console for (like the Atari 2600 games that I have acquired through various family, etc. sources over the years but don't have the actual 2600). As for finishing or "beating" them, that number would of course be far less, as I have a lot of RPG's that I've dedicated dozens of hours to, but still haven't finished. But, if its in the realm of platformer (Ratchet, Spyro, Crash, etc.) or basic puzzler, then yeah, I've probably beaten it already.