Last update of the year...

I really need to post more often. But, droughts are what happen when you have nothing interesting to say... That being said, today marks GrrlGamer's final update of the year, and while it isn't as big as our last update, it's still nothing to sneeze at, and includes 8 reviews from yours truly, including one for a DVD and another for a Wii accessory pack:

In other news, I finally got around to finishing my Christmas shopping. Whereas last year I was done with the vast majority of said shopping in August, this year I've been, for some unknown reason, way behind, leading to a bit of panicking on my part. At least it is finally done now, and I can concentrate on the ever-growing backlog of games that continues to accumulate in the corner of my office. Even received two games today: Cake Mania: In the Mix and The King of Fighters: The Orochi Saga, both for the Wii.

And that's about it in terms of interesting news in my life, unless you consider my getting new glasses last week or the fact that I'm getting a haircut on Monday interesting news. But yeah, Christmas is obviously approaching, and I'll probably be a bit more active around here in terms of posting blogs, since Christmas brings out the bargain shopper in me (well, after Christmas clearance sales anyhow), and I just love to share my deals. Plus, I have my "Year in Review" blog to look forward to. One thing you won't see however is any GotY blogging, as my current situation hinders my ability to play the vast majority of titles that would even make the cut.

So, until next time all!

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Those are pretty good updates.  As for glasses, I think I need a new pair myself.

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This is random, But I want a hotdog.

 Any waaaaay, hope your haircut goes well. I haven't had one since May and all the girls tell me I look like one of the Jonas Brothers.