Oh why not...

So, after seeing that everyone and their mother's brother's uncle are creating accounts over here, I figured I might as well try it out as well. You all might know me as "Brandyinindiana" on another site, and while I am not leaving that site, I did want to hurry up and claim my name before another Brandy decided she wanted it for herself.

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Posted by psychomode

I think you know who I am. ;)

Posted by KnightsofRound

My name has not changed, and welcome to DA BOMB SHELTA.

Posted by DrCLos

LOL I figured you might think it was Dr. Claws as well.
I too will be using both sites. I wanted to get my name before it was snatched up by a pretender.
BTW what is that a pic of with that red haired thing choking that dude?
Is it from a movie? If so what movie?

Posted by dartendaspartan

Yeah, but on Gamespot everyone loved me, that goes without saying... Or did they just add me to get the butterfly symbol next to their name... :( It kinda annoys me that there aren't any unions on GiantBomb, although it does mean I don't get a billion invites asking me to join "The World of Hip-Hop union". Seriously I don't even like Hipitty-Hop.