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Posted by DBoy

You going to accept boys?

Posted by EightBitWarrior

Sounds like a giant clusterfuck of suck.

Posted by LordAndrew

"This is my generation's truest art form and I plan on being a part of it until they call me GrannyGrrl!"
Well, good luck with that PHB. ;)

Edited by Brandy

@ Denis - Unfortunately, no. We're still sticking with the "only girls" stipulation. Has granted us a lot of opportunities in the past, so no reason to change it now, even though working with some of you folks (from Skype, I mean) would be great.

@ Mike - HAHA, I couldn't have said it better myself!

@ Andrew - Indeed! Glad you picked up on that! :-D

Posted by JonnyAvacado

Wow, that is an unfortunate turn of events Brandy.  It sounds as if you are now more excited though, since you will be retaining the staff and talent from Grrlgamer.  That is pretty awesome and I think you grrls will do just fine!  Also thanks for the add on XBL...we'll have to get some co-op going!!

Posted by Claude

When I here stories like this... I always journey back to my youth. Nothing but the best, let the games learned be your journey.


Posted by RenegadeSaint

I hope it all works out for the best.  It's good to see you confident a ready to make something even better than what you started with.  It reminds of Michael from The Office. If you've been keeping up this season, you'll know what I'm talking about.  If not, shame on you.

Posted by c1337us

Hey Brandy, sorry I didnt read your blog earlier then this but that certainly sounds like a pretty awful situation you and your Grrlgamer coherts have found yourselves in. Look forward to hearing more about the new site though I am sure that with you among the brains trust it will be fantastic.

Posted by riotnikki
Brandy - you got ONE SIDE of the story. The former Editor of grrlgamer.com had carte blanche with the site and wanted to make it a full-time job which I could not allow since I had made the stipulation that the site would not be for profit. I had reasons for this which she was aware of.  It was her choice to stay on at the site knowing what the conditions were. I had little to do with the site in the past five years except I paid for it. And I had built it from a simple column on another website 12 years ago into the name that it was. She came on board with zero experience and I worked with her closely on her writing, as her Editor for a number of years. This was not her site, nor her vision. That she chose to devote time and energy to it was her decision. I was ready to shut the site down years ago since it no longer reflected what I had originally created. That was absolutely my fault, letting it get away from me and I took full responsibility for my part in this situation. However - I did not strike first. She cut me out of the loop - she never had to clear anything with me. If you were told that, it is incorrect.  This entire debacle has been petty, juvenille and ridiculous considering I had just asked a few simple questions about the re-launch of the site and told her that she could not copy the original artwork since the artist had issues with this. In the end two people I had trusted with something very precious turned on me, struck first blood, coldly and calculatedly, took the database, left me with nothing and besmirched my goodwill and friendship. I'd hardly say that makes me a Psycho Hose Beast. What should I have done? Just given my site away? Signed over the trademarks? Erased everything I had done?  In retrospect I must say that I am VERY GLAD that I did NOT give the former Editor the site since her reaction  to this entire situation has only confirmed how poor a decision that would have been. There was no vengeance on my side. I took nothing that did not already belong to me. And your commentary here while I am sure you feel from their side of it, completely justified in your incendiary remarks and childish name-calling  is totally and wholly in error.