On Turning 23

But first, bullets! HUZZAH!

  • Have finished 23 songs on Hard in GH3. Five starred a couple of them, but those were definitely flukes. Hit a brick wall with stuff like "Rock You Like A Hurricane," so have put that game on the back burner until I feel like practicing that and a couple other songs a few more times (I'm not a fan of that much repetition).
  • Played through Coraline on the Wii in one afternoon. Please avoid this game at all costs - even if you were a fan of the book, movie or both, the game is practically broken. It is a movie game, after all, so I'm not expecting it to be on anyone's "Must Play" list, but if you've got kids, nieces, nephews, etc. - You've been warned.
  • Am looking forward to getting Dead Rising: Chop Til' You Drop and House of the Dead: Overkill on the Wii. I know people have been rolling their eyes at the former for a while, but I never played the original, so I'll take any zombie killing adventure I can get at this point. Hopefully, I'll have a 360 by the time the second game comes out. Then there's that Bikini Zombie Slayers game that I'm also supposedly getting... a bit of a head-scratcher that one. But at least these three will end my streak of "kiddie" games on the Wii, which will be a nice change of pace.

But yes - the blog title. Today's my birthday and I feel nasty (figures), plus it's pouring cats and dogs outside (and will be all day). I'm going to play bingo with a couple of friends tonight (you play free on your birthday), so hopefully the day will end better than it has begun, with me winning anywhere from $50 to $1000 (the ending "blackout" bingo has the highest prize). Either way, I asked for nothing for my birthday other than money, so today should get me a bit closer to that 360 and/or Zune..but we'll see. I'll be sure to let you all know how it turns out...

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Happy birthday. :) I'm sure your day will get better -- enjoy your free bingo night!

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Yes happy birthday, didnt think they had bingo in the U.S, always thought it was a british thing.

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Happy birthday!

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Happy b-day, just turned 23 two weeks ago. Damn I'm getting old...

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optimusprime223 said:
"Yes happy birthday, didnt think they had bingo in the U.S, always thought it was a british thing."
We have Bingo but it's really more of a senior activity. Old ladies love bingo.

Anyways, happy birthday. Today is your day, don't let it go to waste. Dress sharp and slay the ladies, after all, it's your b-day.
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Happy Birthday!

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Happy B-Day.

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Happy Birthday. You're now the same age as TheGreatGuero. That itself could be considered a gift to some. ;)
OH, WHO AM I KIDDING?! We're getting old! :(
Naw, I'm just playing. Enjoy your birthday. Good luck at bingo and with getting a 360. Notice how I didn't mention a Zune. It is important to get a 360 first.

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Happy Birthday.

You only have 21 years to catch up with me. Looking forward to your thoughts on Chop Til' You Drop and Overkill.

Bikini Zombie Slayers was the game that Kristen R wouldn't play on Gamespot's "On the Spot". She found the game offensive toward women. I'm not really sure how it turned out. I heard about it here.

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday. By now you should probably have a job, though. It would make it a lot easier to buy a 360, and then you wouldn't be stuck playing a Wii.

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Already told you on Facebook, but here goes anyway... Happy Birthday!
Hope you enjoy Bingo tonight.  Used to love playing that at the campgrounds when i was younger.

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Happy birthday. And congrats on the Guitar Hero success. Hopefully we'll see a 360/Zune blog soon.

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Happy birthday!  I really enjoyed Coraline in 3D, so it's sad to hear the game is another uninspired mess.

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Happy birthday, ma'am.

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Bingo? you turning 23 or 73?

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Happy belated BDay Brandy!  Hopefully you can get a 360 soon and we can get some good gaming parties going!  Take care!

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happy b-day!!!!!

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23's a good age.  Wish I could say I am surprised that the Coraline game sucks, I really liked the movie in 3D.  Secretly hoping for Coraline skins and outfits for Little Big Planet.  ;)

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Happy Birthday!!