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I've definitely been guilty of the no-blogging thing. Just don't really see the point in it anymore - guess that's what happens after you've been in the game (no pun intended) for four years though - at least in my case, it results in my getting tired of it. Also has to do with the fact that I talk to most everyone on here on a regular basis outside of the site, so anything I say would just be repeating myself, if those particular people were to read it. Maybe I'll get back into it one day - never say never and all that. 
On a happier note, I ADORE RE2 - definitely my favorite in the series, so good choice there. I've got L4D2 coming in the mail - might get it today actually. Never played the first, since I didn't have a 360 at the time, but the demo for 2 was badass, and I'm sure I'll love the whole game just as much.

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The only new music I've really listened to this year have been the new albums by Daughtry (yeah, I like mainstream pop/rock - what of it?) and ICP (both of which I do adore, btw)... The rest of my attention has been on old Radiohead, more ICP, and whatever I hear on the radio...

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Thought I had found a rhythm with more frequent blog posts, but we can see how long that lasted. *shrug*

  • Had a yard sale yesterday, with my sister and mom's stuff thrown in (ie: thing was MASSIVE). Made $157 selling mostly DVD's and games, along with the expected junk items that I just didn't need anymore. Was amazing that people were actually willing to buy old Xbox and PS2 sports games from like 2001 (granted, I had them marked at bargain prices of under a dollar, but still). I also sold some newer titles that I knew GS would screw me over on. Prey, for example, I sold for $5, after having paid around $7 for it to begin with. Also sold Sega Superstars Tennis for the Wii (the game had some REAL issues) for a profit - you might remember me purchasing it just a few weeks ago for three bucks and some change on clearance at Target - sold it for $5. While this extra $157 might seem like perfect splurge money for new games, an MP3 player or something, I'm probably going to put most of it in the bank, or spend a small chunk of it at Gen Con in three weeks. Yeah, yeah, I know I have 360 games to catch up on... Blame my frugality.
  • My mom bought me the Guitar Hero World Tour band kit a couple of weeks ago. Long story short, she felt sorry for me for having to watch my sister's kids all summer, which I believe I've told you before. Found the band kit for $74.99 at Meijer, down from $189. Hell of a bargain, if you ask me. I suck at the drums, but I've heard that's not uncommon at the beginning. The guitar on Medium is a lot easier than in GHIII or Aerosmith, but the bass is SO easy that I've had to jump straight to Hard to find anything even resembling a challenge (and that's only present in certain songs). Not complaining though, as I really like the set list... except for Tool. Ugh.
  • Got some new games - the trio of new Overlord titles (links are my reviews): Overlord II for the PS3, plus the Wii spin-off and Overlord: Minions on the DS. Also got Flower, Sun, and Rain for the DS, which was oddly intriguing, even if fairly long-winded, and downright ugly in appearance. Lastly, I received Little King's Story for the Wii a couple of days ago, and a code for Madballs in... Babo Invasion on the 360 a few days before that. Haven't tried the former yet, but the latter is pretty fun, and challenging.

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Take lots of pictures - allow me to live the trip vicariously through you. :-P

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@Claude: Uh oh! Hope no one thinks I'm a plagiarizer now! :-P It might sound silly, since I write them, but I very rarely sit down to read other people's reviews (at least not those written in a professional capacity). So, yeah, kind of hard to copy something I've never read! :-P

I've had quite a few random emails bouncing in the past week or so (or so I've been told - other people going "did you read such and such," and me going "huh?" :-P) - maybe it went to spam and I never saw it? Either way, send it again dude! I'll get on it as soon as I can!
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First, Happy 4th of July to all of my American buddies out there! Hope you all enjoy your cookouts, fireworks displays, and (more likely than not) booze! :-P Now, on to the bullets!

  • Remember how I mentioned buying a 360 Guitar Hero bundle from Well, turns out their business practices are even more shady than I already thought/knew, as not only was the product I received not new (I specifically ordered a "new" product - was marked that way online, and described as being such), but the guitar was banged all to hell, covered in stickers, and the game case didn't even include the disc! So... a long battle with customer service on the phone led to them giving me a 10% off next purchase coupon and a refund slip to send the thing back, but I just took it down to my local brick-and-mortar and had them give me a disc, and exchange guitars. I still wasn't able to get a new guitar, but the manager gave me the best looking used guitar that I've ever seen, plus called someone apparently fairly high up the GS food chain and proceeded to tell them how idiotic the mistake was, to which he was told that corporate was aware of the mistake and are offering refunds to everyone who was affected - that being a lot of people. If you read the thread on CAG (that's Cheap Ass Gamer), you'll see a ton of people who were in my same situation, or who bought Rock Band 2 and received Rock Band 1 instruments and so on. So yeah, lesson learned - I'm never ordering from their website again, regardless of the price.
  • Last blog I also expressed my love for Prototype, which I actually completed just a couple of days ago. I need just a handful of achievements to have them all (namely finding the collectibles scattered throughout NYC and getting a gold rating - and subsequently a platinum rating - on all side events). While the game still is fun, it's not as mind-blowing as I first made it out to be, as the novelty of slicing twenty people in half at a time wore off after the first few hours with the game. Like I said though, it's still a good game, that is, one that is definitely worth playing, but there's no need to punish yourself if you haven't picked it up yet.
  • I'm still slowly making my way through Prince of Persia and WWE SvR 2009, but have been more than a bit sidetracked with 1vs100, since I bought a hard drive in the time since we last spoke. I picked up the 60gb Live bundle that also included three months of Live, a headset, and an Ethernet cable. Don't need the cable, but the price was right (regardless of how I may bash GS, I have no other option when it comes to trade-in credit, so... there ya go). I debated between that and the 120 GB option, but I don't plan on installing any disc-based games, so I think I'll be alright.
  • Not much else to report on, really. If you all are interested, I have reviewed games like the Conduit (I wasn't that impressed), Prototype, and Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (plus many more) in the past couple of weeks.

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I house-sat for my aunt and uncle last year when the Halo themed gamer fuel was out - they had their garage full of the stuff (figuring I would like it), and I fell in love with it! I have since stopped drinking pop altogether (diet), but this might be something I splurge on!

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Let the bullet points begin!

  • Been doing a LOT of gaming over the last two weeks, mostly because I'm watching my niece and nephew over the summer (and I hate kids, btw...please explain to me how this makes sense), and one of the only ways to keep them quiet (they are, to put it bluntly, quite evil) is to play games. At any rate, they all but demanded that I play Mass Effect for them to watch (my nephew is obsessed with Wrex and Garrus), so I finished it for the fourth time. Three more achievements to go: The two difficulty setting ones, and getting a character to level 60.
  • I picked up two 360 games on clearance at Target on Sunday: Prince of Persia and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, both for around $10 a piece, after using a "$5 off a $25 purchase" coupon and my 10% discount. Prince of Persia is a fairly good game (so far), but is incredibly repetitive. Smackdown vs. Raw is also quite enjoyable, even though I'm generally terrible at wrestling games. I find this one to be really intuitive though; I'm not having to memorize a bunch of button combos, rather, just flinging the right stick in various directions tends to pull off moves that get the job done. I started on John Cena's story first - shut it Denis :-P - and actually can't wait to get it done so I can see the other storylines in the game (since that's the main reason I watch anyhow - not for the wrestling, but for the soap opera...ness of it all).
  • Many of you 360 owners might remember that Wendy's contest they had going a few weeks ago. You know, the one where you had to download an avatar to be entered to win 1600 Microsoft Points. Well, I was one of the lucky 1250 gamers that won said 1600 MS Points, so I'll probably use that to download whatever Beautiful Katamari and/or Mirror's Edge content I can afford. Yay!
  • Bought a GHIII 360 guitar bundle off of Gamestop's website on Sunday, after trading in 10 games for almost $90. I already have a stand-alone copy of GHIII for the 360, but after doing some research, I figured out that the cheapest guitar that I would be comfortable buying from them was $29.99, but since the bundle (with a better guitar) was also $29.99, it would be a better bet for me to buy that, and then sell the extra copy of the game (either to GS or to a friend or something), and come out ahead on the whole deal. Can't wait for the guitar to arrive - I also have GH: Aerosmith for the 360, and I am getting so tired of playing both games with a standard controller. :-P
  • Received Prototype (360) today - played for a little over an hour and WOW! What a game! Am still waiting for my copy of inFamous to arrive (I did sort out the shipping situation with Sony, btw), so I can't compare the two as of yet, but if the two games are as similar as lots of people are saying, I'm going to love inFamous too! But yes, Prototype. I've spent most of my time in Free Roam, simply scaling tall buildings and jumping off of them, or running down a crowded sidewalk shoving people out of the way (another way to keep my niece and nephew entertained), but the missions that I have played have been fun as well. That'll probably be the game I focus most on in the upcoming days [that and Prince of Persia, since I am (I think) around 2/3 of the way done].

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@DBoy: Yes, fourth run of Mass Effect! I want achievements!!!!! (plus Shepard's hot, tee hee)
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E3 impressions (normally this comes with a wall of text, but I'll refrain from that this year), and some general game "updatey" goodness.

  • E3 ----- I want so badly for Project Natal to deliver what it claims, and for Project Milo to be released as an actual product (that is, not remain solely a tech demo). From what I've read, I'm one of the few who would actually use said Milo software, but I think it would be badass. ----- Facebook, Twitter AND all coming to the box? YES PLEASE! ----- The Saboteur looks badass ----- HEAVY RAIN! ----- Will try my best to get both Need for Speed Nitro and Shift ----- BRANDY WANT ALAN WAKE ----- Mass Effect 2 - Shepard swoon!!! ----- Hilarious that Nintendo thinks Style Savvy is perfect for people in my age group; about spit my drink all over my screen when Cammie said "twenty something's" ----- I <3 Jack Tretton ----- FFXIII looks to go back to the battle systems of old, thank goodness ----- Great to hear Claudia Black (Stargate SG-1, among others) doing voice work in Uncharted 2.
  • Finished my third runthrough of Mass Effect, and the first mission of the fourth run (now as a Tech). Probably won't get the full set of achievements on that one for some time though - the thought of doing all of those side-missions again isn't very appealing (at least, not currently... give it a week and my mind may change; I'm that fickle).
  • Finished reviews for both Henry Hatsworth and Excitebots, and have now started on the Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. Am in the middle of Butcher Bay, which is a lot harder than I expected it to be (keep in mind that I'm still a bit new to this whole FPS business). But , I do love listening to Vin Diesel's voice. So that, and trophies will keep me playing, even if I eventually get tired of the game proper. :-P
  • Was supposed to have inFamous by now, but no such luck. Waiting a few days before I ask Sony what's what - give them a chance to settle down after E3. Really want that game though.
  • Finally passed 1000 submission points on here. I doubt my activity level will suddenly skyrocket now that I can update things at will, but it's a nice accomplishment all the same.

That's it for now - thanks for reading.