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Take lots of pictures - allow me to live the trip vicariously through you. :-P

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@Claude: Uh oh! Hope no one thinks I'm a plagiarizer now! :-P It might sound silly, since I write them, but I very rarely sit down to read other people's reviews (at least not those written in a professional capacity). So, yeah, kind of hard to copy something I've never read! :-P

I've had quite a few random emails bouncing in the past week or so (or so I've been told - other people going "did you read such and such," and me going "huh?" :-P) - maybe it went to spam and I never saw it? Either way, send it again dude! I'll get on it as soon as I can!
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I house-sat for my aunt and uncle last year when the Halo themed gamer fuel was out - they had their garage full of the stuff (figuring I would like it), and I fell in love with it! I have since stopped drinking pop altogether (diet), but this might be something I splurge on!

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@DBoy: Yes, fourth run of Mass Effect! I want achievements!!!!! (plus Shepard's hot, tee hee)
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I'm getting inFamous here in a couple of days - sure hope I find it as good as everyone else.