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Also found by this username on Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam.


Widower. Pacific-Northwest native. Currently residing in Colorado.


Began my career as a software engineer, at Netscape Communications, in 1997 and have spent the years since as a senior technical analyst in the industry, joining Sun Microsystems in 2000 through the merger with Netscape.

I also had a side-project, which I began in 1997 and ceased in 2010. This was a niche auction site, which I developed from the ground up. I spent most of a decade writing the auction, accounting, and community engines that ran the site. My focus was on offering a non-profit, non-commercial market for people to use, in a time when eBay and other large scale sites reigned (and at great expense). I eventually decided it was time to close the site, after letting it consume every waking moment of my entire adult life for far too long. By its conclusion, it served approximately 100,000 regular members, more than a million auctions, and almost $6,000,000 in transactions.


I didn't have the opportunity to game much, while growing up and though I always considered myself a gamer as an adult, I didn't actually do much of it until the last few years. Growing up, I was heavily involved in wrestling and between training and traveling to compete -- both year round -- there wasn't time for any leisure activities. As an adult, I spent every non-working moment maintaining and improving my side-project site (above). Handling a community with 100k users on top of financial transactions consumed an absurd amount of time.

What gaming I did do was always on the PC and until the last couple of years, I'd have considered myself a hard-core PC-exclusive gamer. I now spread myself across anything that plays a game and have no bias, except certain preferences for various platforms depending on the type of game in question (say, RTS versus FPS or adventure).

Current Projects

My primary project at this time is providing consultation to former television, radio, and print media content creators and personalities distribute and promote their content through the internet. Branding, subscription podcasts, live broadcasting, studio configuration, live call-taking, marketing, social interaction, etc. This is not so much a commercial endeavor as a position I've adopted due to the many friends I have who have found themselves disgruntled and/or no longer employed in the traditional media and want to put their content out there without a middle man.